Toyota Vellfire Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 108 Wheels!

On the roads of Malaysia, the Toyota Vellfire is a statement of luxury. With its large size and its interior comfort that would shame other high dollar cars on the market, the Toyota Vellfire would make a statement anywhere you are. However, there are those few individuals who would look for a way to customize their Vellfire to their own personal liking and taste, and for that specific reason our client paid us a visit in his V6 Toyota Vellfire!

Vellfire V-FF 108 1

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Keeping It Classy: Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Fitted On A BMW G11 7-Series!

Not only are we well versed with the after market industry, we also carry the industry’s finest brands, ready for fitment on the finest automobiles out there! As such, we turned our clients attention to the uniquely American, Vorsteiner brand. Vorsteiner Flow Forged wheels are designed, tested, and assembled with pride in California at Vorsteiner’s own production facilities. Product applications include several models for BMW and many other marques of prestige. They take great pride in their work, and their continuing commitment to bring you the best quality possible. The Vorsteiner flow forged wheels bring the latest in Lightweight Flow Forged Alloy Technology and brings quality performance wheels at a fraction of the pricing of forged wheel and in order to set his vehicle apart from the rest, we’ve selected the perfect brand. Vorsteiner is Automotive Perfection Redefined.BMW G11 V-FF 107 3

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Center Of Attention: BMW F30 Fitted With Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 Wheel!

With the arrival of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 wheel, came massive amounts of expectations of which Vorsteiner USA exceeded spectacularly! When everyone assumed that Vorsteiner was going to slow their pace down with their Flow Forged wheel line and before you know it, the V-FF 108 has only just reached our Malaysian market, ready for fitment and installation on various vehicles!

BMW F30 V-FF 108 7

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Introducing The Debut Of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 Wheel!

When our clients thought Vorsteiner would slow their pace at their 7th and latest design months ago with the ground breaking V-FF 107, we are proud to launch and announce the debut of the V-FF 108 wheel! With such a high profile, comes great expectations. As such, Vorsteiner has followed up their line of groundbreaking wheels with the all-new Vorsteiner V-FF 108 wheel! Now, with eight wheel designs and options, Vorsteiner is easily one of the segments best selling wheel brands in the industry! Their combination of gorgeous aesthetics paired up with outstanding dynamics has made them one of the brands to look out for.

V-FF 108 Screenshot

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Copied & Slammed With Another 3-Series: BMW F30 Equipped With HRE’s FlowForm FF15 Wheels!

We often write about F30 BMW’s but i personally feel that the last article featuring an Estoril Blue F30 with HRE FlowForm wheels was an article that stood out from the others.

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F30 HRE FF15 2

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Contrasting Key: Mercedes-Benz C250 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

The production and launch of the V-FF 107 began in an exclusive 22 inch size and after strong demand, the brand pleases their fan base with exactly what they’ve been looking for! A Multi-dimensional spoke wheel with a striking front face and ultra-light in weight, the V-FF 107 wheel hits all the right buttons for a car aficionado and is now available in sizes ranging from 19 inches all the way up to 22 inches!

W205 V-FF 107 1

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DTM Looks & Touring Car Dynamics: BMW 328i M-Sport Equipped With HRE Performance FlowForm Wheels And More!

On a day to day basis, we work on the finest European automobiles of which exist in big numbers on the roads of Malaysia. One of which is the latest BMW 3-Series, the F30 chassis 3-Series. As many of our followers and readers may note, we get dozens and dozens of F30 installations and makeovers over the short time period of a month and to kick start the first week of July, here’s an M-Sport 3-Series of which not only have we marked-up it’s aesthetics, but also its performance & handling!

F30 HRE FF15 1

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