Audi Q7 On A Set Of BBS SV Wheels!

Autofuture Design has been around for 21 years now and according to our portfolio and based on our experiences, brands come and go and BBS was one of the brands we used to carry as our flagship! However, as time passed and technological innovations advanced, being as picky as we are in terms of selecting wheel brands, we found better alternatives. Despite that, we’re not saying that BBS wheels are bad, they’re simply a little aged when it comes to design and manufacturing methods. Audi BBS SV-5

For more shots of this Audi Q7, visit our Flickr here:

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Sport Forged Hot Hatch: Volkswagen Golf R On A Set of Vorsteiner Sport Forged V-SF 001 Wheels!

The Volkswagen Mk7 Golf R is one of the hottest cars in the segment of Malaysia’s High-Performance Hatchbacks! With 300 horsepower and four-wheel drive, this hot hatch would mesmerise any driver through the bends. In Malaysia, the Golf R comes standard with a set of 19 inch wheels and they renowned for one problem, their tendency to crack and dent through the shallowest of Malaysian potholes!DSCF1289 2

For more shots of this Volkswagen Golf R, follow our Flickr link here:

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Carbonized Driving Pleasure: BMW M4 Equipped With A Set Of Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

Working with Autofuture Design as their editor in chief, we’re pretty well connected with the automotive society in Malaysia. As such, I personally received an inquiry for a set of wheels for a BMW M4! In Malaysia at least, BMW M4’s are pretty rare, rare than some Ferrari’s, however, despite this machines rarity we have several wheel designs in ready stock available for this powerful super coupe!DSCF1159 2

For more shot of this BMW M4, follow our Flickr link here: 

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Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels On A Porsche Cayenne!

As the sole exclusive distributor of Vorsteiner wheels in Malaysia, its our responsibility to keep our dealers ready to deal with their inquiries on the range of Vorsteiner wheels! As such when a dealer contacted us with an wheel inquiry for a Porsche Cayenne we were ready to leap into action!DSCF0719

For more shots of this Porsche Cayenne, follow our Flickr link here:

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The World’s First 3D-Printed Titanium Wheel HRE3D+

Today marks the beginning of a new era in wheel manufacturing techniques! Introducing the all new, world’s first 3D-Printed Titanium Wheel, The HRE3D+ HRE Wheels and GE Additive announced a partnership agreement today and unveiled the first titanium wheel created using EBM technology (a type of 3D printing). Known as “HRE3D+”, this new prototype wheel shows what the future of wheel technology will bring and how advanced materials like titanium can be harnessed to create complex designs. The “HRE3D+” is the result of an intensive design collaboration between HRE Wheels and GE Additive. The two companies worked together to push the boundaries of what is possible to create the first 3D-printed titanium automotive wheel.

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Uniquely Different: Audi Q7 On A Set of Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

The Audi Q7 is a pretty interesting SUV. The flagship SUV is packed with cutting edge technological features and of course Audi’s renowned Quattro four wheel drive system but for some reason, the Q7 just hadn’t caught a grip in the Malaysian automotive market. My bet is that it’s design may not be everyone’s cup of tea.DSCF1014 2

For more shots of this Audi Q7, follow our Flickr link here:

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A Set Of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 Wheels On This Mercedes-Benz CLA200!

The Mercedes-Benz CLA is one of the very best looking vehicles on the road today. You’d be hard-pressed to find another car that looks as good or even better than this four-door coupe! An owner of this gorgeous and curvaceous vehicle paid a visit to our office, looking for a set of wheels in the 18 inch segment. With a great looking car like this Mercedes-Benz CLA and the wheels that we carry in our office, we were immediately excited t begin working on our client’s ride!DSCF0544

For more shots of this Mercedes-Benz CLA, follow our Flickr link here:

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