BMW F22 2-Series Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 108 Wheels!

This Is a BMW F22 2-Series, the smallest coupe in BMW’s line up and with our client styling it up, in our eyes, it looks absolutely stunning! Absolutely aggressive, especially with the contrasting trim on the bodywork! However, as good looking as this BMW is, it was lacking a set of wheels to keep up with it’s bodywork and with that in mind, our client paid us a visit, looking for the perfect set of alloys for his ride!

F22 2 series 1-2

For more shots of this BMW 2-Series running on Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 alloys, follow our Flickr link here:

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BMW F30 3-Series Made Better With A Set Of Vorsteiner V-FF 108 Alloys!

Just after having breakfast at a restaurant next door from our office, a client dropped by to take a look at the wheels we have on offer for his BMW F30 3-Series. Our client was already running 19 inch wheels but had complaints that his 19s were far too firm and stiff. As such, he was looking for a set of 18 inch wheels and immediately, we had the perfect set of alloys in mind for his M-Sport 3-Series!

F30 vff108-2

For more shots of this BMW 3-Series running on Vorsteiner’s V-FF 108 alloys, follow our Flickr link here:

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Toyota C-HR running on Vorsteiner V-FF 108 Alloys!

The Toyota C-HR is a stunning compact SUV! Competing in a rivalry with the Honda HR-V, the C-HR is a very aggressive looking vehicle! An owner of a Toyota C-HR popped by our office, looking for a set of wheels for his aggressive SUV and well, he came to the right place!

Toyota C-HR V-FF 108 Blog

For more shots on this Toyota C-HR, follow this Flickr link:

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Introducing The Debut Of Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged V-FF 110 Wheel!

We were visited by a regular customer of ours of which we’ve kept in touch over the passing years. Our client contacted us via our Facebook page and asked if we had any new wheel options for his all new Toyota Vellfire and as always, there was more than a handful worth of options for our clients Vellfire!Vellfire V-FF 110 2

For more shots of this Vellfire MPV equipped with a set of Vorsteiner’s all new V-FF 110 wheels, follow our Flickr link here:

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Blacked Out: Audi Q5 Equipped With HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 wheels!

An Audi Q5 paid us a visit some days ago, looking to swap out his set of aftermarket wheels for a set of ours and the story he brought along with him was rather interesting. Only a few months beforehand, our client had installed a set of Japanese rims which will go unnamed in this article. The Japanese wheels were boasting a step lip wheel design which was once, a few decades ago a very popular wheel design trend till these recent years when people started noticing and realizing that these design elements do nothing but make a wheel appear smaller, which is not what you want when you’re bumping up your cars aesthetics!

Q5 6

Follow this link here for more shots of this Audi Q5 now adorned with HRE Performance’s FlowForm FF04 wheels:

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Alloyed up: Mercedes-AMG GLA45 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

A client of which had paid us a visit was well versed with our social media activities. He spotted a handful of conversions done on Mercedes-Benz GLA vehicles of which featured various Vorsteiner wheel designs and with all that seen, he excitedly took the plunge and paid us a visit to have a look at the wheel designs that would look great on his GLA45!


Take a look at our Flickr album for more shots of this Mercedes-AMG GLA45:

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Range Rover Sport Running On A Set Of Vorsteiner V-FF 109 Alloys!

The V-FF 109 and the V-FF 110 joined the Vorsteiner Flow Forged line as Vorsteiner’s latest and greatest iterations of wheel craftsmanship. We were paid a visit by a client of which had a Range Rover Sport! Though he was running a sportier set of alloys than other Range Rover Sports out there, he felt it was just not good looking enough for the sporty charisma of the car and with that in mind, he paid us a visit undecided on which set of alloys he would like on his ride!


For more shots of this Range rover Sport, follow our flickr link here:

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From Tires To Wheels: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 108 Wheels!

A client of ours had paid us a visit for his regular routine tyre change. As most may know, many of our clients continue to return to us in search for their desired tire sizes and options as we offer the most attractive & competitive tire prices in the market!W207 7

For more shots of the V-FF 108 wheel installed on this Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, follow our Flickr link here:

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BMW X4 Running On HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels!

Its been a while since I have been behind a computer… After a short 2 week holiday in the land of Australia, taking a look at the very best street monsters of which a handful of em are running HRE Performance Wheels, I’m back and excited to feature yet another HRE article!


For more shots of this BMW X4, follow our flickr link here:

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Far From Ordinary: Lamborghini Huracan Equipped With Vorsteiner’s Novara Edizione Aero Program & V-FF 105 Alloys!

Vorsteiner products are one of the very best in the aftermarket industry! They define and continue to redefine the benchmarks of the aftermarket segment especially with their strict quality control methods. And when it comes to Carbon Fiber aero and ultralight weight wheels, ain’t no one specializes on these products more than Vorsteiner USA!

Nov 3

Follow our Flickr link here for more shots of this Lamborghini Huracan:

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