BMW M5 Rolling On A Set Of Carbon Graphite V-FF 107 Wheels!

The BMW M5 is an amazing super sedan, especially with its Twin-Turbo V8! Sitting stock, the BMW M5 comes equipped with a nice looking set of 20 inch forged wheels. Though it looks great, its also a tad old and a bit dated at the same time as its wheel design has become increasingly common, especially since its design has been imitated time and time again.M5 V-FF 107 7


For more shots of this BMW M5, follow this link:

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Introducing The Malaysian & Singapore Debut Of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 109 Wheel!

The Flow Forged wheel series by Vorsteiner has always been one of the very best wheel designs on offer in the industry! If you’ve ever browsed through our social media feeds for wheels, you’ve probably come across Vorsteiner. Built to perfection, Vorsteiner produces the finest flow forged wheels that offer the lightness and strength that fully forged wheels offer at a more accessible price range to give clients a reliable option in terms of aesthetic upgrades. As it stands, Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheel series already has eight super-attractive wheel designs to choose from, but in effort to give clients yet another stunning wheel option, Vorsteiner has just unveiled the V-FF 109 wheel that is available from us with ready stock!

Screen shot 2018-03-03 at 1.07.54 PM

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Mercedes-Benz W222 S-Class Equipped with Vorsteiner’s V-FF 102 Wheels!

A Mercedes-Benz S400h paid us a visit all but a few days ago, of which was kitted up with a striking but yet classy Brabus bodykit that just makes the whole Mercedes ever so stunning. We saw this as a bit unusual as S-Class’ vehicles are usually chauffeur driven for their owners. However, our client drives his own S-Class and he drives it hard, which led him into paying us a visit, looking into swapping out his set of stock wheels for a set of our options.

W222 V-FF 107 TM 5

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Latest & Greatest: Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-V Equipped With HRE Performance Forged S201 Wheels!

No doubt, this article will be a write up on one of our very best looking builds we’ve ever done! In fact, as Autofuture Design’s editor in chief, I’m stunned myself that we have achieved a build that looks this amazing! We’ve previously posted and written on this Ferrari 458 Italia before, kitted up with Vorsteiner’s 458-V bodykit it was already stunning as it is. However, our regular client and close personal friend wanted to push the aesthetic boundaries of his 458 for something that has never been seen before on the roads of Malaysia!

Ferrari S201 8

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Toyota Vellfire Rolling On HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels!

There’s only so much you could do with a large MPV such as this Toyota Vellfire but as our readers may know, working with us, we will always be able to find a way to style up your ride to impress everyone and every one! It was only a week ago he installed a set of HRE’s FF15 wheels on to his BMW M6 Gran Coupe and now being a massive HRE fan, he decided to have a set of HRE’s finest alloys on his Toyota Vellfire.

Vellfire LM 1

Follow this link for more on this Vellfire:

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Machined To Impress: Audi RS5 equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

As a writer and editor that oversees each and every product installation, I believe that one of the major reasons of why people just absolutely adore Vorsteiner wheels is their attention in achieving a perfect wheel finish!

V-FF 107 RS5 5

For more shots of this RS5, follow this Flickr link to our album here:

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HRE Performance Wheels: Customized Forged Wheels Now Available In Stock!

With each and every passing year, we, Autofuture Design we constantly push our boundaries to bring our clients the very best aftermarket products! Raising the bar and raising the industry’s standards is what we do and with HRE Performance’s World Renowned Forged Wheels touching down in Malaysia, we’re ready to assist you with your next fully customizable, tailored order! Custom built to perform on the best vehicles on the road, HRE’s forged line of wheels aim to deliver the lowest weight figures in the market and industry to bring out the very best performance from your vehicle!

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Like No Other! Bentley Continental GT V8S Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

A Bentley Continental GT is like no other car on the road! No other luxurious vehicle has been able to incorporate such a comfortable ride and interior paired up with amazing performance, as such, we got extremely excited when an inquiry came in on a set of Vorsteiner wheels and though there were some obstacles to overcome, when we completed the build it was absolutely stunning!

Bentley Continental GT V-FF 107 4

Checkout this Flickr link for more shots of this Bentley:

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Italian Style: Maserati Ghibli Paired Up With Vorsteiner V-FF 105 Wheels!

When an inquiry came from a dealer of ours for a set of wheels for a Maserati Ghibli, we were excited and notified them that we have more than a few options for his client of which are readily available with no waiting period whatsoever. With that in mind, our dealer showed off some of our makeovers to their client of which featured a handful of Ghibli’s we’ve done paired up with a set of Vorsteiner wheels and that immediately grabbed their clients attention!

Ghibli V-FF 105 1

For more shots of this stunning Italian Sedan, Follow this link:

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