BMW E65 7-Series equipped With BBS CH-R Wheels!

The BMW E65 7-Series highlighted the debut of a whole new world of BMW design and despite, the years passing by, classics never go out of style! That said, the owner of this superbly maintained 7-Series paid us a visit, looking for a set of wheels and with that in mind, we scoured our portfolio of products for the perfect fit and finish for this BMW 7-Series!

15541047_842470435856630_2799501357537889202_oBBS Wheels is one of the well known brands in the wheel industry, they have years of experience in producing wheels for both street use and track use. As such, while they have a broad selection of wheel styles destined for road or race use on almost any car make and model, they’re CH-R being one of BBS’s most popular wheel release definitely caught the owners eye as one of his favourite set of wheels!


The BBS lineup of wheels is scattered with various designs for various vehicles. That said, the CH-R’s heritage dates back to BBS’s previous wheel named, the CH. With continuous development and research, this release of the CH-R continues the bloodline of BBS products. Long, thin spokes and a very small center area give the CH-R design its equally timeless and dynamic appearance. Clearly a ‘race-inspired’ wheel, the CH-R injects a strong dose of motorsport aesthetics with strong performance to justify its looks. The design alone suggests a close relationship to motor racing, and this is confirmed by the performance – felt at every turn of the wheel!


Measured at 9J x 20″ at the front and 10.5J x 20″ in the rear, the CH-R wheel features ‘Motorsport’ laser engraving in the centre of the wheel further highlighting its motorsport inspired pedigree. Finished in Satin Titanium, the CH-R wheel features a chrome stainless steel rim protector for extra protection against curb rashes.


Since our establishment back in 1997, we have been selling BBS wheels. Built and manufactured in Germany, BBS has been a major player in the aftermarket industry. Contact us at anytime should you need to inquire about these wheels or any other product that we offer. We’re based in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya and with our near 20 years of experience guarantees that our clients receive the best service possible. Drop by at anytime to view our products in person to get an authentic feel of the products we offer.