Birthday Makeovers: Porsche 718 Cayman on a set of Brilliant Silver Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

A client with a brand-new Porsche 718 Cayman paid us a visit to have a glance at the available wheel design options we have for his car’s make and model.

For more shots of this Porsche, follow our Flickr link here: 718-8

Of all the brands that we represent, our client fancied the Vorsteiner brand and as such, we proceeded to test fit the entire Vorsteiner line of Porsche 718 compatible wheels. Of the available selection, our client loved the looks of the V-FF 107 wheels which was no surprise. However, our client preferred a brighter and lighter wheel finish as opposed to Vorsteiner’s dark Signature Carbon Graphite wheel finish.Porsche 718-14

While in our opinion, we felt that the Carbon Graphite wheel would be more than perfect for this 718 Cayman with Vorsteiner’s finish being perfectly sporty and aggressive, our client keenly wanted the wheel to be finished in Brilliant Silver. However, he decided to leave and take some time off to think about this wheel.

A few days later, to our surprise, the wife and brother in-law of our client paid us a visit with an intention to purchase and customise the client’s desired wheels and surprise him for his upcoming birthday. In fact, they told us that if our client did indeed return or gave us a call, our instructions were to notify him that we ran out of stock. As such, upon confirmation of the purchase, we communicated with out paintwork partners to have the wheel customized in a superbly opulent Brilliant Silver finish.Porsche 718-7

A couple of days later, the wheel was ready for installation and in our efforts to deliver our very best in terms of customer service, we bundled the set of wheels with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires at a very reasonable price to add extra convenience for our client. The wheels installed were sized out at 8.5J x 20-inches in the front and 10J x 20-inches in the rear, delivering a setup that a whole lot broader than factory and a whole lot lighter as well.

Porsche 718-5

Soon after, we indeed received a call from our client who intended to confirm his purchase for the set of V-FF 107 wheels. However, as per our instructions we told him that we ran out of stock. We felt a little sad because we could hear and feel the sadness and disappointment in his voice. Later in the week, his wife and brother in-law brought him over and with our assistance, we surprised him with the set of Vorsteiner V-FF 107 wheels, now finished in Brilliant Silver.
Porsche 718-10

As a whole, this 718 Cayman looks absolutely fantastic. Though we would have preferred the original Carbon Graphite finish of the wheels. We concede that the current set of Brilliant Silver V-FF 107 wheels look super stunning and delivers a sportier look in the Cayman with an added touch of opulence. Perfect in every way, dynamic in the way it drives and beautiful on the road, were very pleased with how this makeover turned out.



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