Lexus RX200t on a Set of Vorsteiner V-FF 112 Wheels!

As with any Vorsteiner wheel launch, the debut of the V-FF 112 wheel has seen critics and enthusiasts all across the globe complimenting its design and lightweight performance. As such, the hype behind this wheel design has crossed all over the globe onto our shores of Malaysia! cof

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As soon as we announced the debut of the V-FF 112 wheel design, our dealers were clamoring for their share of inventory options for this particular wheel design! A client with a Lexus RX200t paid a visit to our key dealer in the Sunway area, Kim Heng Car Care. He was looking for a set of wheels that would sit in place of his factory alloys and the moment he set foot in our dealer’s showroom floor, he spotted the V-FF 112 and knew that it would suit his blacked out RX200t perfectly! rhdr

The V-FF 112 wheel exhibits a rather familiar but yet refreshingly different design ethic compared to the other wheels in the industry. Featuring a unique five Y-spoke design that runs from the outer rim of the wheel straight into the center hub of the wheel and with that design characteristic, it displays itself as a wheel that’s larger than it’s size! The fitment of the Vorsteiner wheels on this Lexus RX200t sized out at 9J x 20 inches at all four corners and features an aggressive offset that’s specifically engineered into the wheel for fitment on this particular SUV which delivers a fitment like no other wheel out there! Adding to that, the exclusive Carbon Graphite finish of these wheels deliver a color tone like no other out there!rhdr

Apart from just aesthetics, being the latest Vorsteiner wheel in the Flow Forged lineup, the V-FF 112 wheel prides itself with the latest and greatest Vorsteiner engineering technologies available such as front face pocketing, carved spokes and a proprietary aluminium compound with all of those features focused on weight reduction and strength maximisation.rhdr

As a whole, this aggressive, sporty and sleek SUV now looks a whole lot better with the set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 112 wheels! From its distinctive five Y-spoke design to the Vorsteiner signature Carbon Graphite finish, the V-FF 112 wheel hypes up the look of this Lexus RX200t! We would like to commend our sincere appreciation to our dealer, Kim Heng Car Care, located in the Sunway area for the submission of these images!



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