Mustang Muscles: Ford Mustang GT On A Set Of HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels!

The Ford Mustang may well be one of the most iconic muscle cars in American history, and with a set of HRE Performance’s FlowForm FF04 Wheels, our partnered dealer has made this muscle car even more muscular!

Mustang HRE FF04-7

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When HRE Performance Wheels North America announced their plans of developing a more affordable FlowForm range of wheels, the aftermarket industry stood still in shock and awe. We were all excitedly waiting for the release of these wheels which aim to push the aesthetic and handling limits of your car at an affordable price point. What soon followed after their announcements were a pair of FlowForm dubbed the FF01 and the FF15 wheels. Their latest iteration in their FlowForm line is the FF04 wheel of which is by far one of our favorite wheel designs!

Mustang HRE FF04-6

Thanks to our partnered dealer of whom submitted these photos, were able to showcase this gorgeously, striking Ford Mustang GT made better on a set of HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 alloys! From an aesthetic point of view, the wheel features a Liquid Metal finish of which is crafted to bring out the very best color tones possible in making these wheels a whole lot more attractive. HRE begins by coating the wheel in gloss black and once that is done, they coat the wheel with a semi-gloss silver finish! The end result is a wheel that looks absolutely gorgeous, exhibiting a two tone, dark gloss silver finish!

Mustang HRE FF04-3

Quite honestly, the thing that impresses me most about these alloys is the fitment application sizes for the Ford Mustang of which is sized at 10J x 20″ in the front and 11J x 20″ in the rear of which is a whole lot wider than the stock alloys that came along with the Mustang initially. The wider dimensions paired up with the new, wider set of Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires also enable a wider contact patch with the asphalt of which would deliver maximum levels of grip and confidence! Mustang HRE FF04-2

With the set of wheels on, this muscle car looks more muscular than ever! The sporty but yet sophisticated look of the FF04 alloys brings out the very best of the client’s ride whilst making it drive and perform even better than ever! Thanks again to our partnered dealer located in Shah Alam for submitting these photos for us to feature!



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