Bentley Continental GT Running On A Set Of HRE Performance FF04 Wheels!

As Autofuture Design’s editor in chief, I love my job! It enables me to get behind the wheel of cars that I have never expected to drive in this lifetime! On a daily basis, our usual inquiries we receive are mostly on BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz vehicles but its days like this whereby I really appreciate my time in office, working on this Bentley Continental GT!

Bentley Conti GT FF04 6


For more shots of this Bentley, follow this Flickr link here:

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BMW F10 Running On A Set Of HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels!

Yet another regular client paid a visit to our showroom looking for a set of new alloys to sit in place of the Vorsteiner V-FF 103’s which were already on his BMW F10. Our client loves his V-FF 103 wheels on his BMW, however, it was rather unfortunate that our client had mistakenly ran his Bimmer into a huge pothole and with that, a few of the wheels were dented and damaged.

BMW F10 FF04 1

Follow this Flickr link for more on this BMW:

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Forged Refresh: BMW X5 Running On A Set Of HRE Performance Forged P101 Wheels!

Celebrating their 40th anniversary, HRE Performance Wheels of the USA taglines their brand as, “The Worlds Best Custom Forged Wheels For Motorsport, Performance, SUV and Luxury Vehicles” for good reason! Since their birth in 1978, they have been the worlds market leaders in fully forged wheels and with us, Autofuture Design being their sole exclusive distributor in Malaysia, we couldn’t be prouder!

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Alloy Refresh: W221 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Rolling On A Set of HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels!

The Mercedes-Benz W221 S-Class was the pinnacle of luxury and tech at the time of its release and today, though aged, it still looks pretty good. This client paid a visit to one of our partnered dealers with intentions to swap out his aged and worn out tires. However, the moment he stepped into their dealership, he spotted a set of HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 wheels, sitting proudly on display and he instantly fell for em!

W221 HRE FF04 1

Follow this link for more shots of this S-Class on our Flickr profile:

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HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels Equipped On A Toyota Vellfire!

Our friend and neighboring shop lot owner along with being an owner of a restaurant business, has always seen our showroom. Constantly passing by with every single day he heads in to oversee his restaurant business, he has seen us done various makeovers on various vehicles. From family friendly MPV’s to High Dollar sedans and from luxurious SUV’s to high-dollar supercars, we’ve done em all!

Vellfire FF04 LM 7

For more shots of this luxurious MPV now equipped with HRE’s FlowForm FF04 wheels, follow our Flickr link here:

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Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Rolling On HRE Performance FF04 Alloys!

When an inquiry towards our dealer was reported to us along with images of the whole makeover, it look so good that we just couldn’t resist to publish and show case this makeover! Working with us as one of our partnered dealers, we have always done our best to assist to provide stocks to our dealers regardless of location in order for our dealers to provide the best assistance to their clients. With that in mind, when our dealers client approached them for a set of wheels, he was so happy that they had immediate stock for the various brands that we supply!

CLA45 FF04 7

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Latest & Greatest: Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-V Equipped With HRE Performance Forged S201 Wheels!

No doubt, this article will be a write up on one of our very best looking builds we’ve ever done! In fact, as Autofuture Design’s editor in chief, I’m stunned myself that we have achieved a build that looks this amazing! We’ve previously posted and written on this Ferrari 458 Italia before, kitted up with Vorsteiner’s 458-V bodykit it was already stunning as it is. However, our regular client and close personal friend wanted to push the aesthetic boundaries of his 458 for something that has never been seen before on the roads of Malaysia!

Ferrari S201 8

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Toyota Vellfire Rolling On HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels!

There’s only so much you could do with a large MPV such as this Toyota Vellfire but as our readers may know, working with us, we will always be able to find a way to style up your ride to impress everyone and every one! It was only a week ago he installed a set of HRE’s FF15 wheels on to his BMW M6 Gran Coupe and now being a massive HRE fan, he decided to have a set of HRE’s finest alloys on his Toyota Vellfire.

Vellfire LM 1

Follow this link for more on this Vellfire:

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HRE Performance Wheels: Customized Forged Wheels Now Available In Stock!

With each and every passing year, we, Autofuture Design we constantly push our boundaries to bring our clients the very best aftermarket products! Raising the bar and raising the industry’s standards is what we do and with HRE Performance’s World Renowned Forged Wheels touching down in Malaysia, we’re ready to assist you with your next fully customizable, tailored order! Custom built to perform on the best vehicles on the road, HRE’s forged line of wheels aim to deliver the lowest weight figures in the market and industry to bring out the very best performance from your vehicle!

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe C205 Equipped With HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels!

Its time to introduce one of our latest, stunning looking makeovers of which features a set of HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels paired up with a Mercedes-Benz C205 Coupe! Choosing a set of wheels is more than just an aesthetic decision, its a personal customized touch to your vehicle, an extension of your personality and with that in the selection of a wheel, its more of a “heart over mind” decision that should and will get you excited to drive your car anytime, anywhere!

Mercedes-Benz C205 ff04 6

For more shots of this gorgeous coupe follow our Flickr link here:

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