Sport Forged: Toyota Alphard on Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels!

Vorsteiner’s Forged wheels are the very best in the aftermarket world and industry. From its amazing levels of strength to its ultralow weight figures, Vorsteiner’s forged wheels would revolutionize the look and feel of any car it’s installed on. 50522409963_e988095ca2_k

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One of our very best selling wheels is Vorsteiner’s Sport Forged V-SF 001 wheel design. Now, forged wheels are unique. Forged wheels are usually custom-made, made to order, and require a lead time of 6-8 weeks to manufacture and machine but the V-SF 001 wheel design, it’s a little different. 50522412343_4fd9bdbada_k

The V-SF 001 is a uniquely designed fully forged wheel that’s aimed at the mass market! It’s a wheel that has the full-complete list of forged wheel properties but is mass-produced to ensure that it’s priced more affordable and to ensure that is more attainable and in-turn the expanded target market of these wheels has resulted in the sales of this wheel climbing stronger than ever!50523310482_9d7e5e8ddc_k

As we represent Vorsteiner North America as the exclusive distributors of Vorsteiner products in the Southeast Asian region, our inventories are always filled and ready to handle any inquiry that may come our way. Most recently, a client with a Toyota Alphard was looking to ramp up the looks of his huge MPV whilst also amplifying its handling potential and we worked our magic to ensure that this Alphard will not be comparable to any other Alphard out there. 50522409678_28458971c3_k

Our client was looking for a set of wheels that’s more exclusive and more unique than the rest of our design options. He was looking for a set of forged wheels but he did not want to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery. As such, we recommended a set of Vorsteiner’s Sport forged V-SF 001 wheels, and our client immediately confirmed his order for a set of those wheels! 50522412123_a52c46fa2c_k

The Vorsteiner Sport Forged V-SF 001 is produced using only the best 6061 Aerospace Aluminum and is curated to apply an industry-leading 10,000 tons of pressure to lay the best foundation for your premium wheels. All forging, machining, surface finishing, and testing are done at Vorsteiner’s HQ in California, USA to ensure accurate quality control. The design of the wheel is based on the racing technology that is infused with each Vorsteiner Sport Forged Wheel. The SF-V 001 wheels are lightweight and load rated for each specific vehicle application to maximize weight efficiency and performance. 50522410583_83f51d445b_k

Fitted in sizes of 9J x 20-inches in the front and 10J x 20-inches in the rear, the new V-SF 001 wheels are dramatically larger and wider than the factory alloys whilst keeping weight to an absolute minimum. The excessive reductions in weight and excessive levels of strength would ensure that this Toyota Alphard would drive and feel like a much smaller car, extremely agile. Our client selected the unique Titanium Silver finish for his new V-SF 001 wheels!50523308627_1c23153bb2_k

All that, however, was not going to be enough for our client. Our client wanted to further amplify the handling characteristics of his Toyota Alphard and for that, we suggested a set of Bilstein’s B6 High-Performance Shock Absorbers. For a while now, we’ve heard that the Toyota Alphard had very unpredictable driving dynamics. From the floaty ride to its horrendous body roll, the Alphard simply does not have confidence-inspiring driving dynamics.

With that in mind, we recommended a set of Bilstein’s B6 Shock Absorbers to be installed on the Toyota Alphard. These absorbers are tested around the legendary Nurburgring race track and would be the perfect solution for our client. After a brief discussion, our client confirmed his purchase of a set of Bilstein’s B6 Absorbers.50523309462_3232351322_k

After all the discussions were done, first and foremost, we began the installation of the new Bilstein absorbers and after that was completed, we had the new V-SF 001 wheels wrapped up with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Run-Flat tires to ensure maximum safety and convenience whilst maximizing grip and dynamics!

In the end, the Toyota Alphard looked and drove like no other on the road. From its newfound ultra agile driving dynamics to its sportier looks, this was a unique makeover with amazing end results!



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