Sporty and Stealthier: Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack on a set of HRE Performance FlowForm FF10 Wheels!

We have a rather astounding car to feature today! While yes, it may just look like another Range Rover Sport but if you put it beside another Range Rover Sport, you’ll be able to see that it has quite a number of aesthetic differences because it’s equipped with the Stealth Pack which results in the deletion fo all chromed trim pieces.RR sport FF10-25

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The story of this makeover actually begins a few months back when our client of 15 years dropped by to have a set of Bilstein’s PASM shock absorbers installed on his Porsche 997 Turbo! During his visit, he had a glance at our wheel designs we have available in our office.RR sport FF10-26

After a few months, he popped by our office to our surprise, and he was looking for a set of wheels on his Range Rover Sport. As usual, we stepped out of our office to have a look at his Range Rover Sport and during our walkaround of his car, we noticed that his Range Rover Sport was a little different in comparison to the other Range Rover Sports we have seen previously.RR sport FF10-17

From the blacked-out grille to the blacked-out side vents and other trim pieces, this was a rather different Range Rover Sport. Turns out, after a chat with its owner, this Range Rover Sport was equipped with the Stealth Pack option which deletes all chrome and silver trim pieces on the SUV.RR sport FF10-15

As such, with a completely blacked-out Range Rover, our client was looking for a set of black wheels to make his Range Rover even stealthier. For that reason, we turned to the HRE Performance Wheels brand of which they have a Tarmac Black wheel finish that’s ultra-dark in colour. From the various HRE FlowForm wheel designs we had in-stock, our client loved the look of the FF10 wheels and after a test fit, he immediately confirmed his order for a set of those wheels!RR sport FF10-6

The FlowForm FF10 wheel by HRE, is the latest and greatest wheel design launched by the HRE Performance Wheels brand. The FF10 boasts a wheel design that’s extremely aggressive given it’s overlapping, Y-spoke design ethic which doe wonders to hype up the exterior aesthetics of a car.RR sport FF10-5

Given that our client’s Range Rover was delivered with a set of 21-inch alloys, our client decided to step up his SUV’s wheels to a set of 22-inch wheels which radically refreshes the look of his Range Rover. As such, the Range Rover was fitted with a set of Tarmac Black FF10 wheels which are sized out at 10.5J x 22-inches at all four corners, and the wheels were fitted via a set of BLOX Sport’s Forged Aluminium Wheel Nuts.RR sport FF10-19

As a whole, upon the completion of the installation of the new wheels, the Range Rover sport looks absolutely astounding! Darker, sportier, and stealthier than ever before seen especially with the new blacked-out Tarmac Black wheels!



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