Bilstein B12 Pro Kit + H&R Anti-Roll Bar Equipped On A BMW F30

BILSTEIN-SITE-CAPTURE-B12-PRO-KIT1The name, 3-Series… A car popular for setting the benchmark in the sports sedan segment. That said, in this day and age, as the exclusive distributor of Bilstein Sports Suspension Systems we can report that the enquiries for suspension systems have been increasing overtime due to the lackluster performance of original suspension systems that have been deemed inadequate for performance driving. Luxury car manufacturers have prioritised a more soft and comfortable ride whilst placing handling performance in second place. No doubt, the BMW, known for its “Sheer Driving Pleasure” can most definitely take on those curves on the way home, however, with the soft suspension system and the presence of body roll, it retracts the driver from feeling confident in the corners. Being so, the stock suspension system of the Beemer rather dulls out the driving experience promised on a 3-Series.

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