A Stunning New Addition To The Family: The Brand New Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheel!

As the pioneer in the automotive industry, Vorsteiner USA constantly sharpens and refines their wheels, staying true to their slogan ‘Automotive Perfection Redefined’. Vorsteiner is the global leader in automotive Forged and Flow Forged wheel development and for sports and luxury vehicles. They have managed to create the most advanced, innovative, and distinct products in the marketplace to meet the demands of the most discerning clientele. As such we’re proud to announce the launch of a brand new Vorsteiner wheel, named, the V-FF 107 wheel!

As our readers may have noticed by now, all of Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheels carry the ‘V-FF’ nameplate and this would reference Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheel line up.

V-FF = Vorsteiner – Flow Forged

Bringing the perfect marriage between aesthetics and lightweight, Vorsteiner utilizes advanced raw materials and manufacturing equipment to create their Flow Forged wheels. Methods such as “pocketing” not just enhances the aesthetics of the wheel , but also reduces the overall weight of the wheel. These methods, highlights Vorsteiner’s attention to details that wonders to reduce the unsprung mass on a car. Unlike other wheel manufacturers, Vorsteiner conducts tests with various wheels on various vehicles to ensure that the aesthetics of the wheel suits the car selected.


As an example, the V-FF 104 is only compatible on certain models from Mercedes-Benz and Audi as Vorsteiner has determined that the wheel’s aesthetics suits the vehicle in question. Apart from that, with strength being another important objective on its own, gone is the philosophy of “strength through bulk”. Each proposed design, and each individual shape has gone through a detailed analysis to ensure that, the unique designs seen on Vorsteiner wheels has the durability to take the battering of the toughest conditions. The stepped and tapered spokes on the wheels, aren’t just for show as they maximize strength and durability whilst accentuating slim and sleek spokes.

Introducing The V-FF 107 Wheel


Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged line of wheels has been a huge hit since their debut as Vorsteiner was able to blend Forged wheel engineering techniques to produce fitments and applications for the most popular sport and luxury vehicles out there at a reasonable cost. After the launch of the V-FF 106 earlier this year, Vorsteiner has taken the time to continue their research and development for both their Forged and Flow Forged wheels. With meticulously detailed engineering, Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheels offer the strength and lightness that come close to their Forged wheels at a more reasonable cost.


After about a 11 months or so since the V-FF 106 wheel was launched and with the festive season just around the corner, Vorsteiner has just launched the V-FF 107 which is available from us, Autofuture Design SDN BHD as Vorsteiner’s sole Malaysian distributor.

Being in 22″ form, the V-FF 107 is SUV rated and boasts a strong, aggressive mesh style design and despite its 22″ size, the V-FF 107 in comparison to other wheels of the same size, boasts the lowest weight in the segment with an average weight saving of 35% as compared to a conventional cast formed wheel. This being said, despite its low weight with the wheels dimensional mesh style design, the V-FF 107 is built tough being certified by the highest bureau of certification and inspection by the authorities of TUV Austria.


Being 22 inches in size, along with its SUV rating certification the V-FF 107 wheel fitments are currently only available for Audi Q5/Q7, BMW X5/X6, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche Cayenne/Panamera, Rover Range Rover/ Range Rover Sport and other selected vehicles.


AF-Since the introduction of Vorsteiner Flow-Forged wheels back in 2015, we, at Autofuture Design are the proud exclusive distributors of Vorsteiner products in Malaysia. We carry the entire line-up of products available for fitment. Should you need Vorsteiner aero parts or Vorsteiner wheels, we will do our absolute best to provide all available assistance to ensure that customers achieve the very best layout of their desire. Whether its aerokits or wheels, regardless of whatever requirements you need, we will get it done in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime for more info on the application of parts or drop by our showroom at anytime during our operating hours and we would be able to show you the products in person, as well as to provide you with better clarity on the products that we offer.