A Weekend Cruiser: BMW Z4 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 105 Wheels!

The BMW E89 Z4 in my eyes, has aged very gracefully. About decade old but yet as sporty as if it was launched yesterday! In this gorgeous custom body colour, this Z4 paid us a visit looking for a refresh by way of a set of wheels! Driven into or reserved parking slot in a set of battered 18 inch replica alloys that look like they’ve been to the moon and back, our client was interested in a set of alloys that will not only keep his car up to date but also an alloy that would be able to take the brutality of our Malaysian roads.DSCF0072 2

For more shots of this BMW Z4, follow our Flickr link here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/autofuturedesign/albums/72157702040001745

As a writer for Autofuture design, being able to get up close and personal to the rides our office works with, I’ve seen so many sets of replica alloys exhibiting one problem and one problem alone, lack of strength & durability. Whether its just scratches & dents or a full blown crack through the barrel of the entire wheel, replica wheels has never and will never exhibit the durability levels of original, genuine alloys! Our honest advice would be regardless of price and brand, invest in a set of original, genuine, high-quality Flow Forged built alloys rather than drill a whole in your pocket re-buying replica alloys.

DSCF0130 2

As such, our client whom was tired of dealing with replica wheels that keep messing up his drives, paid us a visit for a glance at the various wheels on display. With the number of alloys we have on offer and display, its comes across as a norm for us to encounter a handful of confused clients, burdened with the number of wheel design options that we have in office. However, our client spotted the Vorsteiner V-FF 105 wheel hanging on our display area and he loved the five twin-spoke design of the alloy.

DSCF0123 2

In my books, the V-FF 105 wheel will remain as one of the all time greatest wheel designs ever. While yes, the description of a five-twin spoke design may sound relatively common and simple, it’s how Vorsteiner interprets the design that attracts not only our client but my eyes as well, and that’s not a small feat to accomplish as I’ve worked on various cars and various wheel brands on the market!

DSCF0116 2

At 8.5J x 19″ in the front and 10J x 19″ in the rear, the wheels fill up the fender wells of the Z4 entirely giving it a fender flush fitment. The combination of the the V-FF 105 wheel’s design, paired up with the Carbon Graphite finish of the wheels of which perfectly suits the paintwork of the Z4 results in a car that looks so much more sportier, as if it was fresh from the factory!DSCF0070 2

As our client intended on using the Z4 as a weekend cruiser, we bundled up the V-FF 105 alloys with a set Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tires which would give the car enough grip to mess around on roads, through corners. To wrap this up, the V-FF 105 wheels has always been and always will be my favourite wheel design. The tapered, edged spokes that run from the center hub of the wheel to the outer rim of the alloy really does deliver a wheel that looks absolutely amazing and on this BMW Z4, it makes this roadster look even sportier than it was!



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