Audi A5 Sportback with Gorgeous BBS “SR” Wheels in Volcano Grey Diamond Cut Finishes

At AUTOFUTURE DESIGN SDN BHD, we always understand that picking the right wheel for your car isn’t as easy as it seems sometimes. A new set of wheels must come in the right dimensions for a good looking fitment, they must have the right design to flow with the exterior of your car and then you must pick the perfect finish for a stunning result. All this can make finding the right wheel for your own build quite the search, but luckily we work with brands that can and will go the distance when creating the perfect setup for each application.

Today we show you a gorgeous white Audi A5 Sportback of our customers car on a stunning set of BBS SR wheels as great example of what a company like BBS wheels can do to your car. This setup consists of a set of BBS “SR” in cast aluminium monoblock wheels measuring 8.5 x 19″ in the front and rear, weight only 13.4kg each wheel and making sure the wheels also fill the wheel gaps perfectly. This set comes in one of BBS popular finishes called Volcano Grey Diamond Cut, and it’s not hard to see why so many people choose this finish. The wheels are wrapped with its OEM tyre sized 255/35/19 creating a beautiful overall look for this Audi on this setup.

These BBS SR Alloy Wheels are part of the ever popular and latest of BBS Germany range of Alloy Wheels for 2014 and they come in a variety  of sizes / fitments / finishes, so please feel free to use the vehicle fitment configurator in our website under the BBS section to select your vehicle model and this will check all of the fitment data and determine whether these particular wheels will fit your vehicle.

The wheels can be purchased from our store or our appointed dealers all over Malaysia. Please let us know if you would like to order a set of BBS wheels for your car. Simply contact us and our highly professional team of aftermarket tuning experts will gladly provide you with all the information you may need and we are always happy to help and give you advice to determine the best possible width and offset for your car.