BMW F10 5-Series Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Alloys!

With the launch of the new Vorsteiner V-FF 107 wheels, the brand has yet again pleases its fans with exactly what they want! A fresh new design, with outstanding performance, the V-FF 107 truly delivers the best of what we have come to expect from the Vorsteiner nameplate. This stunning sports sedan, the F10 BMW 5-Series has quickly become one of the hottest platforms for some personal modification. So we really need no excuse to take a look at this BMW F10 5-Series on Vorsteiner’s brand new V-FF 107 Flow Forged Wheels.17349799_918490564921283_6019755587653802658_o

The Flow Forged wheels from Vorsteiner have been a success for years. The production techniques allow for an affordable wheel, available for a wide variety of cars. Their latest flow forged design seems to be catching popularity very quickly. The stunning design is a perfect fit for many different cars and with more applications becoming available we expect to see a lot more of them. Here we have another great example with the V-FF 107 wheels equipped on a F10 BMW 5-Series!


The dimensional mesh design is like no other wheel from Vorsteiner, featuring a new fresh approach to their Flow Forged wheel design. Built in a 20 inch size for this BMW with its front wheels measured 9J x 20″ and its rear measured at 10.5J x 20″, the wheels remain flush within the fender, broadening the look of this 5-Series with its staggered layout.


The 20 inch Vorsteiner V-FF 107 wheels we see here are a great example. Finished in their all new signature finish dubbed, the Titanium Machined finish, these flow forged wheels come with a concave profile and give the car a stunning appearance. We have years of experience in the BMW scene, bringing you all the best parts for your car. The increased wheel size seems to really work for the Bimmer, visually improving the overall proportions of the car.


A wheel of pure perfection and absolute performance can only be manufactured with cutting edge engineering methods and with Vorsteiner’s V-FF Flow Forged wheels series, Vorsteiner has managed to incorporate the technologies of fully forged wheels on to their V-FF series of wheels for outstanding performance! Methods like front face pocketing and the use of an ultralight aluminium compound enables Vorsteiner to manufacture a wheel that knows no limits in terms of performance. The result, is a wheel that is as light as their fully forged wheels without compromising strength and durability! The V-FF 107 was installed via a set of Vorsteiner’s Spline Lug Bolts and finally wrapped up with a set of French-made Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires for absolute grip and performance!


All applications for both 20 inch and 22 inch variants are available directly from our showroom with ready and available stock. So should anyone have interest in the V-FF 107, feel free to contact us at anytime. Our distributorship network spans all across all corners of Malaysia with available express shipping to your doorstep or to a workshop of your choice. Get in touch with us and our crew will assist you in the customization of your vehicle to meet your demands.