Carbonized Rollers: BMW F10 5-Series Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 102 Wheels!

The Vorsteiner brand is more than synonymous in the industry! They’re one of the best known brands in the wheel industry, with years worth of experience in producing wheels for both daily street use as in the most demanding forms of motorsport. With their popularity, comes more potential clients as we welcome their inquiries for Vorsteiner’s wheels and so, lets talk you through the makeover we’ve done featuring Vorsteiner’s V-FF 102 wheels!BMW F10 V-FF 102 1

It was nothing more than an ordinary sunny day when this client of ours paid us a visit, looking for a set of wheels for his upcoming Mercedes-Benz W205 C-Klasse. Driven into our parking bay by our client, was a gorgeous Carbon Black M-Sport BMW 5-Series. As he stepped into our office upon parking his 5-Series in our reserved parking slot, he was stunned & amazed with our selection of wheels available for his vehicle and after looking around for a while, he decided to get a set of Mercedes-AMG wheels for his upcoming W205 C-Klasse of which he is awaiting delivery for.

BMW F10 V-FF 102 3

However, he continued to browse around our showroom curiously for a set of wheels for his Bimmer of which was already running on a set of 20″ Japanese made alloys, despite that, one glance at the entire Vorsteiner Flow Forged wheel range was enough to steal his attention…

BMW F10 V-FF 102 4

As many of our followers may know, the BMW F10 has been featured times over on our social media timeline, making it one of the most popular German saloons in our office. With that, we showed our client a handful of photos of our makeovers on a few F10’s featuring various wheels. Being a car we’ve worked on times over, we carry numerous wheels with the appropriate application for the BMW F10. Stuck in a difficult situation, we further assisted our client by test fitting a few different wheels to see which wheel would suit the aesthetics of his Bimmer but yet again, with our broad selection of wheels, it was a very difficult choice for our client.BMW F10 V-FF 102 6

After a few days, our client came back to us with his selection being Vorsteiner’s V-FF 102 wheels. Even so, choosing a finish for his V-FF 102’s proved to be another challenge. In the end, we couldn’t argue with his perfect decision of wheels being Vorsteiner’s V-FF 102’s in Carbon Graphite and the end result was stunning…

BMW F10 V-FF 102 5

All applications for Vorsteiner’s wheels in various size variants are available directly from our showroom with ready and available stock. So should anyone have interest in the V-FF 102 wheel or any other wheel for that matter, feel free to contact us at anytime. Our distributorship network spans all across the corners of Malaysia with available express shipping to your doorstep or to a workshop of your choice. Get in touch with us and our crew will assist you in the customization of your vehicle to meet your demands.