Copied & Slammed With Another 3-Series: BMW F30 Equipped With HRE’s FlowForm FF15 Wheels!

We often write about F30 BMW’s but i personally feel that the last article featuring an Estoril Blue F30 with HRE FlowForm wheels was an article that stood out from the others.

Read the article here:

F30 HRE FF15 2

Since then, the article has garnered many views and as such we’re visited with another client flaunting another Estoril Blue F30, ready for another Autofuture Design make over! Our client was inspired by our previous post featuring that exact article, and he wanted a stance, a look and a feel that was exactly similar to the look of that F30!

F30 HRE FF15 1

As such, keeping in tune with the previous articles write up, our client was impressed with the limitless amounts of choices that we offer for car customization especially for the BMW F30 3-Series. We began with a target to drop the ride height of the BMW to a lowest possible height. As such, we look through our inventory and had a set of H&R ultra-low lowering springs fitted and installed on to the F30, thus, dropping its ride height by 45mm!

F30 HRE FF15 3

Next up, given that most F30 encounter body-roll that’s way over-excessive, we had a set of H&R Anti-Roll bars which turns up the handling given that the roll bars are a whole lot thicker than the F30’s stock set of roll bars. This would give the 3-Series more precise and accurate handling characteristics!

F30 HRE FF15 6

And for the icing on the cake, with a set up like this, one would definitely need a set of ultralight weight wheels installed on to their car. Again, being inspired by our previous F30 post, our client opted out for a set of HRE FlowForm FF15 wheels, finished in their signature Tarmac Black colour. The fifteen slender spokes brings out the best of the F30 especially when its fitted on to this particular example with it’s ultra-low ride height.

F30 HRE FF15 7

Breathtaking looks, low in weight but yet extremely durable, HRE’s FlowForm wheels are born in the land of the rising sun, Japan and then raised in California, USA. As the exclusive distributor of HRE Performance Wheels in Malaysia, we not only carry ready stock for their FlowForm wheels, but we also offer our clients the option for individual customization of HRE’s Forged Wheels. Should you need more info on these wheels and their various available fitment applications contact us at anytime regardless of our hours of operation and we will do our best to meet your demands. Our team of aftermarket professionals will assist you in providing a detailed explanation on any possible application or better yet, drop by our showroom and we would be able to provide better clarity in understanding the limitless set-ups for your car. Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp at your convenience, at anytime @

F30 HRE FF15 5