Custom Builds: HRE Forged S101 Equipped On The BMW G30 5-Series

For those who need no compromise in performance! for ever 30 years, HRE performance Wheels has had one simple, straightforward goal:- To Build the finest custom wheels in the world! Starting with materials of the highest qualities, HRE designs, engineers and manufactures each and ever wheel to the needs of of each clients exact, desired specifications. Manufactured proudly in San Diego, California!

BMW G30 S101 2

Whether its for your race-winning thoroughbred, an exotic supercar or your daily driver like this BMW G30 5-Series, HRE delivers unparalleled craftsmanship, performance & exclusivity. Today marks a forged wheel installation on a BMW G30 540i and in our honest opinion, the G30 has never looked so good till this write up! These photos were submitted to us by our dealer Era Maju Automobil, located in Johor of which they represent us as the sole distributor in the Johor state!

BMW G30 S101 9

HRE’s Forged Wheel program gives clients the ability and choice to dictate their desired dimensions and specifications of wheels for their vehicle! With a total of 85 finishes available which are comprised of both standard and optional colour choices, their forged wheel program gives clients the chance to voice out and input their desired design aesthetics for a set of wheels that is to be fitted on their automobile!

BMW G30 S101 14

73 wheel design options and 85 finish options, HRE’s Forged wheel program is one of the very best forged wheel programs out there! For this G30 5-Series however, with all the options of wheel designs and finishes available, our client took sometime to review his options and decide on the perfect set of wheels that’ll suit his car. Finally, he settled on a set of S101 wheels, constructed in a three-piece design for absolute lightness and no compromise in aesthetics!

BMW G30 S101 10

The Series S1 is HRE’s best-selling 3-piece forged wheel series. In designing the Series S1, HRE moved away from traditional forged-wheel designs of the time, implementing complex surfacing and integrating the lug features into the designs of the spokes. The result was sophisticated, lightweight performance-oriented 3-piece designs like never before seen in the market. The Series S1 is the ultimate blend of style and performance and the perfect complement to everything from sports GTs to supercars, with variations suitable for today’s high performance luxury sedans and SUVs.

BMW G30 S101 16

This wheel is finished in Brushed Dark Clear followed up with a Polished Window for a more outstanding colour combination! The dimensions of the wheel is a HRE recommended specification which is kept confidential by HRE USA for a more precise, accurate fitment! However, what we do know is that the wheel is sized at 20 inches in diameter and suits this G30 5-Series perfectly! The wheel was fitted via a set of HRE Forged Titanium Lug Bolts for extra lightness and added character at all four corners!

BMW G30 S101 15



Since the introduction of HRE’s FlowFormed wheels back in 2015, we, at Autofuture Design are the sole appointed and proud exclusive distributors of HRE Performance Wheels in Malaysia. The FF01 wheel is available for order with us and available custom order for HRE’s Forged wheels. Should you need any info regarding this brand of wheels, contact us at anytime for more info on the application of these wheels or drop by our showroom soon as the wheels are going to be up on display shortly.