Exquisite Aesthetics: Mercedes-AMG GLA45 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 111 Wheels!

We received an inquiry from a dealer of ours known as Exquisite Marques! They’re a high-performance service center that specializes in high-performance supercars and sportscars, and recently they had a client whom paid them a visit for a brake system upgrade!GLA 45 V-FF 111-10

For more shots of this GLA45, follow this Flickr link here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/autofuturedesign/albums/72157710479336977

Given that their client upgraded his brakes, his factory wheels did not have the specifications required to clear his new calipers and with that in mind, he was looking for a set of premium aftermarket wheels! With our presence in Malaysia as the nation’s pioneer of premium aftermarket products with brands such as HRE & Vorsteiner Wheels, our dealer contacted us for advice and when we received the inquiry, we emailed our dealer images of the various wheel designs available for their clients Mercedes-AMG GLA45 and immediately, their client confirmed an order for a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 111 wheels!GLA 45 V-FF 111-15

His major concern was whether the new wheels had offsets aggressive enough to clear his huge front calipers but with our familiarity on Vorsteiner’s wheel lineup, we were confident that the wheels would clear the brake system with no issues whatsoever! As such, we sent out a set of V-FF 111 wheels to our dealer’s location and they had the wheels unboxed and test fitted on to the GLA45 and without a doubt, it cleared the brake calipers!GLA 45 V-FF 111-8

With the aggressive offsets, the new V-FF 111 wheel not only clears the upgraded brake calipers but gives it ample space for further upgrades! Compared to the previous factory wheels, the new V-FF 111 wheels exhibit much stronger and more eye-catching offset specifics as it enables a gorgeous fender flush fitment that broadens the look and feel of the GLA45!GLA 45 V-FF 111-24

Apart from that, the wheels are also a whole lot wider, sized out at 9J x 20-inches at all four corners and that gives the GLA45 a wider contact patch on the ground that enhances grip and performance! Built exclusively out of Vorsteiner’s proprietary aluminum compound, the wheels exhibit strength figures that would easily outclass the factory wheels whilst being a whole lot lighter as well!GLA 45 V-FF 111-22

Last but not least, in terms of aesthetics, the Vorsteiner V-FF 111 wheel outshines the factory wheels by being stunning and just all-out aggressive as a whole! The unique, overlapped Y-spoke design creates a unique mesh finish and with Vorsteiner’s signature Carbon Graphite wheel finish, it takes this GLA45 to a whole new level! All in all, the opportunity to view the makeover in person really shows me how with just a set of wheels or more specifically, a set of Vorsteiner wheels could completely refresh the look of the GLA45 without any concern for future brake upgrades!



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