Forged Perfection: Mercedes-AMG E43 Equipped With HRE Performance’s Forged P101 Wheels!

As Malaysians would know, between the period of the start of June till the start of September, it was declared as a sales tax holiday season whilst the new succeeding government begins passing new bills and legislation to instate a new form of sales taxes. Auto sales during this season was at an all-time high due to the reduction of prices with the exempted taxes and just about everyone we knew began looking, booking and purchasing their new rides.

E43 AMG-3

For more shots of this Mercedes-AMG E43 on a set of HRE Performance’s Forged P101 Wheels, follow our Flickr link here:

One client of ours had actually booked a Mercedes-AMG E43 a year ago and managed to rush its delivery period during the tax holiday season before the new Sales & Service Tax kicked in and once he was notified of the upcoming delivery of his ride, he visited our showroom immediately. Our client’s dream was to have a set of HRE’s custom built forged wheels. As it was our very first time working on a Mercedes-AMG E43, we did not (at that moment) have the appropriate fitment & application sizes for the E43. However, working closely with our American counterparts at HRE Performance Wheels, we managed to procure their recommended fitment and application sizes for the E43.

E43 AMG-12

After browsing through the design lines of HRE’s forged wheels, our client chose the P101 monoblok design and as he mentioned his intentions on wrapping the body of his ride, he wanted a Satin Black finish on the wheels and we loved his suggestion! As the decision was done, our client waited patiently for a month before his set of forged P101 wheels flew in directly from San Diego, California, USA!

E43 AMG-27

Being a customized forged wheel, it does takes some time for HRE to manufacture and perfect the wheel’s design to our client’s exact demands and specifications. Previously, HRE would require a lead time of about eight weeks in order to produce their customized forged wheels, however, they’ve shortened the waiting period to a month and after patiently waiting our client drove over immediately in his new Mercedes-AMG E43, wrapped up in Matte Grey the moment the wheels arrived and we began the unboxing process! The Satin Black finish was absolutely, stunningly perfect and there was no observed imperfections. The wheel incorporated a cool two-tone HRE center cap for added style and I believe the most eye-catching feature of the wheels would be the engravings done in the inner barrel of the wheel, stating the exact specs and dimensions of the wheels, gorgeous attention to detail!

E43 AMG-15

The moment the wheel was installed, our client felt the difference in less than a kilometer of driving! at 20 inches in size, the wheel weighed at 9.35 kilograms in the front and 9.86 kilograms in the rear which acquaints to over 25% of weight reduction in comparison with the stock 20 inch AMG wheel. Greater, meaner and all out lighter, the P101 certainly pushes the E43’s handling limits even further than ever! The HRE recommended offsets of which were incorporated into the manufacture of these wheels produces a wheel that’s bigger, wider and broader than the stock wheels and enables a fitment that puts the wheels perfectly parallel to the fenders of the Mercedes! No words could describe our client’s satisfaction as he was in shock and awe with how his car looked after the installation of the wheels! It was absolutely a dream come true for our client!

E43 AMG-27

HRE Performance Wheels are the producers of the very best custom built forged wheels in the industry! Whether its their ultralight weight forged one-piece wheels or their stylish forged three-piece wheels, they are all infinitely customizable. All you need to do is tell us the make and model of your car and we would be able to provide a HRE recommended fitment & application proposal or if you have your own desired specifications, we could do our best to incorporate that into the manufacture of your wheels. All of HRE’s Forged wheels are available in infinitely unlimited finish options with optional stone, brushed or polished finish effects available with extra charges. However, all good things come at a price and we’ll admit that these forged wheels are far from being affordable, but that’s the price for the ultimate, strongest, lightest wheels that remain as the industry’s benchmark performance wheel!



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