Forged Refresh: BMW X5 Running On A Set Of HRE Performance Forged P101 Wheels!

Celebrating their 40th anniversary, HRE Performance Wheels of the USA taglines their brand as, “The Worlds Best Custom Forged Wheels For Motorsport, Performance, SUV and Luxury Vehicles” for good reason! Since their birth in 1978, they have been the worlds market leaders in fully forged wheels and with us, Autofuture Design being their sole exclusive distributor in Malaysia, we couldn’t be prouder!

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, we’ve written an article on a makeover completed with a set of HRE P101 Fully Forged wheels! What exactly is a forged wheel? Well, simply put, the manufacture of the wheels begin as a solid block of aluminium with the block being machined and trimmed (by hand in some procedures) to the exact measurements and specs that you want and need and then, finished in a color finish of your choice and option. Unlimited posibilities, infinite ways to turn up the looks of your ride!X5 HRE P101 3

now, as many of our readers and followers may note, we have quite a number of dealers and clients all across Malaysia, including East Malaysia. With that in mind, when we received an inquiry from a client with regards to a set of HRE’s P101 Fully Forged wheel, we were quick to respond! Our client was driving a BMW F15 X5, and was in the market for an ultralight set of Forged Wheels that will look better and perform stronger than any other wheel in the segment.

With that in mind, we briefed in on our ready inventory of forged wheels as well as sent him a number of photos of the wheel itself and he instantly fell for its design! The whole process barely took anytime at all as our client just loved the P101 wheel. Not only did our client get the set of P101 wheels straight, he paid a premium on top of the wheels as our client wanted his set of P101’s to be finished in Brushed Dark Clear of which is an optional extra that would highlight the stunning aesthetics of the wheels! Once the order and payment was received, we wrapped up the wheels with a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires and had it shipped to his location, located in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

X5 HRE P101 2

Before we continue, we’d like to apologize for the low number of images as the other pictures we received are a bit low in quality, unable to highlight the wheels aesthetics. We did our best to pick the very best three images and featured them on this article. As this was a custom made wheel, the fitments and offsets were just perfect! The P101’s filled up the wheel wells of the X5 perfectly and its fitment was perfectly flush to the X5’s fenders! With the ultralight weight figure, our client had also pointed out that the X5’s driving dynamics just feels so much better, due to less weight holding the car back. All in all, the perfect manufacture of the wheels translated into an amazing makeover, its just amazing how much a set of wheels could change the looks of a car! We look forward to bringing you more articles featuring forged wheels in the future.



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