Forging An M3: BMW M3 Running HRE Performance’s R101LW Lightweight Wheels!

A few months ago, we placed an exciting order for a set of wheels destined for a BMW M3 for a longtime client and friend of ours whom is based is based in Singapore when paid a visit to our office with a new Alpine White BMW F80 M3! As with his previous BMW of which we fitted a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheels, our client was looking to replace his M3’s factory wheels with a set of ultralight, forged aluminum wheels that would not only deliver stronger aesthetic presence but also an edge in performance and we knew the perfect set of wheels that’ll turn up the heat of his BMW M3!M3 R101LW-25

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The HRE Performance Lightweight Wheels program is a specialized wheel design program that aims to minimize and reduce as much weight as possible. Only selected vehicles are eligible for the fitment of these amazing wheels which not only adds to its exclusivity but also adds to its quality of precision craftsmanship. Only certain vehicles are present in the fitment/application data sheet for the HRE Lightweight Wheels lineup which clearly boasts the ‘quality over quantity’ design & manufacturing philosophy.M3 R101LW-4

Working with us, our client placed an order for a set of HRE Performance’s R101LW Lightweight wheels built in a form factor of 9.5J x 20 inches in the front and 11J x 20 inches in the rear. When the wheels arrived, we had them shipped out to our client in Singapore and he absolutely enjoyed the driving feel of his M3 once the wheels were fitted. Significantly lighter and a whole lot stronger than any other custom forged wheel the R101LW wheels not only delivered but exceeded his expectations. Each of the front wheels weighed only 7.8 kilograms with the rear wheels weighing only 8.25 kilograms each!M3 R101LW-2

As he snapped a few photos of his BMW M3 and emailed them to us for our previous feature, we’ve never seen his car in person! That all changed when he dropped by our office for a catchup session and our eyes were blown away with how amazing his M3 looked! Immediately, we seized the opportunity to conduct a short photography session with our clients super stunning BMW M3!M3 R101LW-21

In the time of six weeks (four for production & two for air freight), HRE transformed a solid block of aluminum into the most finely crafted wheel available on the market. This particular set of wheels were finished satin bronze finish which was recommended by our general manager, which features a unique colour tone that when viewed from different angles exudes a different finish!M3 R101LW-17

One of the best, one of the lightest, one of the strongest and definitely one of the very best looking, the R101LW Lightweight wheel is stunning to behold in person! HRE’s R101LW Lightweight is based on their R101 wheel takes the R101 style to the next level. The R101LW is specifically designed for individual vehicle models creating the ultimate in lightweight optimization for street use. Every vehicle model has a different load rating and power output, so they’ve utilized this data to redesign the R101 for each model application fine-tuning each detail of the wheel to remove weight and add stiffness where possible.M3 R101LW-11

To wrap this article up, we’d like to thank our client and longtime friend of ours for his efforts on paying us a visit and giving us the opportunity to not only photograph his car but also the opportunity to work with him on perfecting his BMW! As we mentioned in our previous article, with the set of HRE Performance’s R101LW Lightweight wheels, this BMW M3 would look a whole lot more stunning and drive sharper than ever before!



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