HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 Wheels Equipped On A Toyota Vellfire!

Our friend and neighboring shop lot owner along with being an owner of a restaurant business, has always seen our showroom. Constantly passing by with every single day he heads in to oversee his restaurant business, he has seen us done various makeovers on various vehicles. From family friendly MPV’s to High Dollar sedans and from luxurious SUV’s to high-dollar supercars, we’ve done em all!

Vellfire FF04 LM 7

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With stocks moving in and out from our showroom, to seeing us work on the finest automobiles available in Malaysia, our friend and now client, was interested to see what we have in stored for his Toyota Vellfire and with our experience and expertise in the industry he places his confidence in us to bring out the very best aesthetics from his Vellfire MPV!

Vellfire FF04 LM 4

Our client truly and sincerely liked the looks of his stock 18 inch wheels but at the same time he was interested in upgrading his wheels to some larger and better looking. At the very start, our client was a tad reluctant as he prioritized the comfort levels delivered by this luxurious MPV. Of course, we agreed that in the Vellfire’s stock 18 inch alloys, the Vellfire’s level of comfort was at the very best. Despite that, as we’ve worked on quite a handful of Vellfire’s before, we have always done our very best to deliver our clients with the very best compromise of a luxurious, comfy ride and all out sportier aesthetics!

Vellfire FF04 LM 2

Quite honestly, the perfect sized wheels for this large MPV would be a set of 20 inch alloys, however, as our client prioritized comfort, we decided that a set of 19 inch wheels would meet our clients requirements. Enter the HRE Performance FlowForm FF04 wheel, the latest FlowForm wheel from HRE! HRE is celebrating their 40th anniversary as of this year and the FlowForm FF04 wheel utilizes all of their combined industrial experience to bring forward a FlowForm wheel like no other! We on the other hand, Autofuture Design, has been one of the pioneers in the Malaysian aftermarket industry for 21 years as of now and we’ve seen many wheel manufacturers come and go with their mediocre performance and mediocre aesthetics. HRE Performance Wheels however, has shown no signs of slowing down, leading the pack as one of the very best wheel manufacturers in the industry since 1978. Their manufacture of breathtaking forged wheels and their introduction of one of the lightest Flow Formed wheels in the industry have been revolutionizing the aftermarket industry ever since their company’s incarnation.

Vellfire FF04 LM 6

With the FF04’s gorgeous wheel design that combines elegant design cues and aggressive aesthetics combined with their all-new Liquid Metal finish of which contrasts perfectly with the Vellfire’s Metallic Pearl Black paintjob, the wheels truly brings out the very best out of the Vellfire! HRE went out of their way to produce a finish that is like no other out there! The manufacture of the Liquid Metal finish is unique in its own way. By utilizing the very best engineering methods available in the world today in order to deliver the most opulent finish ever available, HRE begins the finish application with a primer or base coat that is black in color. When the top coat in its Liquid Metal finish is applied, the combination of both the the base coat and the top coat gives the FF04 a Dark Silver Gloss finish that adds a deeper depth of character into the equation.

Vellfire FF04 LM 3

At 9J x 19 inches at all four corners, the wheels and their aggressive offsets enable a fitment that sits perfectly flush and parallel to the fenders of the vehicle. Not only does it appear larger in size but also broadens up the look of the MPV as a whole. Though the wheels are larger than the stock alloys, it is also lighter in size, losing about 35% of the weigh of the stock wheels and giving the Vellfire better control and driving dynamics with the lower weight! We bundled up the set of wheels with a set of Michelin Primacy 3 ST tires and despite the tire profile being thinner, there was little to no effect to the ride comfort of this luxurious MPV, completely reassuring our clients concern.



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