Introducing The Debut Of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 111 & V-FF 112 Wheels!

To kick off 2019 with a huge bang, Vorsteiner has been developing a pair of wheels for the past recent months that aims to deliver breathtaking aesthetics that’s new to the flow forged market of wheels! With 10 wheels in Vorsteiner’s Flow forged lineup, they’re Flow Forged line up is unrivalled by any other brand in the industry. From sporty & iconic options to elegant and classy wheel design options, with the Vorsteiner Flow Forged line up, there is something for everyone!

However, with the start 2019, Vorsteiner is looking to add two more choices in terms of wheel design options to give their clients another level of customization and the result of their pursuit of redefining automotive perfection is the introduction of the new Vorsteiner V-FF 111 & V-FF 112 wheels of which aims to completely redefine the ordinary conventions of wheel design!

Vorsteiner V-FF 111

Vorsteiner is well renowned around the globe for not only their Flow Forged wheels but also their fully forged wheels. With the V-FF 111 Vorsteiner has taken the design elements from the well loved, fully forged VFN 507 wheel and encompassed those elements in a Flow Forged suit. Their goal for doing this was to give potential clients the opportunity to enjoy it’s striking design in a more affordable package.44986136515_5a99f1bd7f_k

The Vorsteiner V-FF 111 is a part of a collection of wheels released at the popular 2018 SEMA Autoshow and features a reinvented, modern mesh design that’s noticeably different from its from its V-FF 107 mesh designed sibling. Manufactured exclusively in a 20 inch diameter with other sizes coming later on and available exclusively in Vorsteiner’s Carbon Graphite, the complex design of the V-FF 111 is a true masterpiece to behold! The ten Y-spoke design overlaps one another creating a mesh design that’s truly different from any the wheel in the industry!

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V-FF 111 Applications

*Other fitment options may be available, contact us for more details

Vorsteiner V-FF 112

This wheel addition into Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheel lineup yet again, takes a few design cues from Vorsteiner’s Fully Forged wheel lineup, specifically, from the VFN 516 wheel! The V-FF 112 aims to repackage those elegant but yet sporty design cues in a more affordable package, giving clients another option in terms of wheel design options!31256501917_bd2e56821d_k

Making its debut at the 2018 SEMA Autoshow, the V-FF 112 is exclusively built in a 20 inch form factor with other sizes coming later on and finished exclusively in Vorsteiner’s Signature Carbon Graphite wheel finish. The V-FF 112 wheel exhibits a rather familiar but yet refreshingly different design ethic compared to the other wheels in the industry. Featuring a unique five Y-spoke design that runs from the outer rim of the wheel straight into the center hub of the wheel and with that design characteristic, it displays itself as a wheel that’s larger than it’s size!

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V-FF 112 Applications

*Other fitment options may be available, contact us for more details



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