Kelleners Sport Feature: BMW F02 7-Series Equipped With Kelleners Sport “Munchen” Wheels!

The Kelleners Sport company was established by BMW enthusiasts for BMW enthusiasts! They produce various wheels and other products which are specifically designed to be fitted on any vehicle on BMW’s model range. From the 1-Series to the 7-Series, we’ve partnered with Kelleners Sport as their sole distributor in Malaysia to provide clients a massive catalog of products which are built to perform on various Bimmers. BMW F01 Kelleners sport 2

Now, the Kelleners Sport “Munchen” (Munich in German) wheel, is no stranger to us with it being on the market for sometime now. However, we do get BMW clients who would prefer a wheel that’s built specifically for their brand and model, and for those select clients, look no further than the Kelleners Sport brand!BMW F01 Kelleners sport 3

As we all know, BMW vehicles emphasize sportiness and dynamism hence their tagline, ‘Sheer Drving Pleasure” and with the 7-Series, BMW has crafted an aggressive but yet luxurious long-wheelbase sedan and the results are magnificent. However, as luxurious  as it maybe, there are a select few clients who would like more character, more drama and more customization options and that’s where we step in!BMW F01 Kelleners sport 4

With 20 years worth of experience and over a decade representing Kelleners Sport as the sole distributor of their parts and products in Malaysia, we knew exactly how to make this luxurious sedan better… The Kelleners Sport “Munchen” wheel would hype up the looks of any BMW and this 7-series is the best example of such result. The “Munchen” wheel features an ultra-deep level of concavity on the front fascia of the wheel, especially at the rear end. It’s aggressive offsets enable the wheel to sit flush and parallel to the Bimmer’s fenders. Additionally, the Matte Black finished, five twin spoke design with a wider setup makes the 7-Series appear even broader than ever!

BMW F01 Kelleners sport 5

The one-piece cast-aluminium wheel is distinguished by five concave twin spokes running from the sunk-in hub to the very outer edge of the rim. In this way, the wheel looks bigger regardless of the clients selected size. Relief-milled spokes also provide for an additional weight loss for absolute performance. The 7-Series was fitted with the Kelleners Sport Alloys, at 8.5J x 19″ front and 9.5J x 19″ rear which were wrapped up with Bridgestone Potenza rubbers for maximized grip and performance.

As several other brands in our portfolio, we are the exclusive distributor of Kelleners Sport products in Malaysia. Whether its aesthetic enhancements such as wheels and body kits or performance modifications such as ECU chips and others, we carry the entire portfolio of Kelleners Sport products which are ready for your order. Simply Contact us at anytime during our hours of operation or just drop us an email, better yet if you’re nearby, drop by our showroom and you’ll be able to see the wide range of products that we offer. Our highly professional team of aftermarket experts will also be able to provide you with a detailed explanation on the parts that we offer for your better understanding.