Latest & Greatest: Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-V Equipped With HRE Performance Forged S201 Wheels!

No doubt, this article will be a write up on one of our very best looking builds we’ve ever done! In fact, as Autofuture Design’s editor in chief, I’m stunned myself that we have achieved a build that looks this amazing! We’ve previously posted and written on this Ferrari 458 Italia before, kitted up with Vorsteiner’s 458-V bodykit it was already stunning as it is. However, our regular client and close personal friend wanted to push the aesthetic boundaries of his 458 for something that has never been seen before on the roads of Malaysia!

Ferrari S201 8

The 458 was rolling on a set of Ferrari’s Speciale Forged alloys, though as great as they may look, our client wanted something completely different, truly extraordinary as the design and colour finish of his alloys were not as great as they could be. As such, our expert advice would be to construct and design a wheel that would both match and contrast the featured colours on his Ferrari.

Ferrari S201 10

We began the build with a blank canvas with a goal to assist our client in achieving a wheel design that is completely customizable in every way! Looking at HRE Performance Wheels’ massive array of 77 available fully forged and fully customizable wheel designs, it was hard to decide on a final wheel design that would suit a vehicle as striking as this Ferrari 458 Italia! At last, we settled on HRE’s S201 wheel design that we were more than confident would bring out the very best of this supercar.

Ferrari S201 1

The series S2 and the S201 wheel design in this case, combines HRE’s technical expertise with an uncompromised attention to detail creating the ultimate in style and performance. The design of the S201 include a unique twisted spoke geometry and complex 360 degree surfacing inspired by the latest supercars like the very latest Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s. The final product is a wheel series with the style and exclusivity necessary to enhance today’s supercars. Each model in HRE’s Series S2 is designed specifically for supercars, and other high-dollar, high-performance vehicles.

Ferrari S201 6

We begin the process by our suggestion of an extremely eye-catching colour combo, a Satin Charcoal center with a Polished Red outer rim that we knew would guarantee looks that would catch your attention from a mile away! We then generated and rendered this outstanding build and our client was in love with the design! We then placed the order and patiently waited 8 weeks for the delivery of this custom built set of forged wheels.

Ferrari S201 4

To our surprise, the delivery of the build took a mere 6 weeks and at first glance, the set of wheels would make any car look absolutely amazing! Both our client and us we’re so excited over the build that we completely ran out of time to photograph the wheels alone as once our client was notified upon the wheels arrival, he sped over in his Ferrari as fast as he could!

Ferrari S201 11

Upon the completion of the installation, the end result was a Ferrari that looks better than it ever has! HRE manufactures the ultimate forged wheels in the industry and this build truly highlights their attention to detail in creating the very best, breathtaking forged wheels. We’re honored to have completed this build that I feel is just too good to be true, a build so good that one could light up a cigarette and admire this Ferrari’s beauty. So that’s that, here’s our latest, greatest build ever and we look forward to accommodating many more builds like this in the future!

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HRE Performance Wheels MALAYSIA


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