Machined To Impress: Audi RS5 equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

As a writer and editor that oversees each and every product installation, I believe that one of the major reasons of why people just absolutely adore Vorsteiner wheels is their attention in achieving a perfect wheel finish!

V-FF 107 RS5 5

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With each and every new Vorsteiner wheel launched, our peers at Vorsteiner USA are constantly working on newer and more astonishing finishes to showcase on their breathtaking flow forged wheels and in my opinion, one of their most eye catching wheel finishes is definitely the Titanium Machine finish!

V-FF 107 RS5 7

We’re the sole distributors of Vorsteiner wheels in both Malaysia & Singapore, and from what we feel based on reviews, people love Vorsteiner wheels not just due to their astonishing designs and performance but also their attention to detail towards their wheel finishes. While Vorsteiner’s Carbon Graphite finish may be their number one, most popular finish, their most recent addition into their finish line, dubbed the Titanium Machine finish is a great alternative.

V-FF 107 RS5 2

In some applications, on certain vehicles, the Titanium Machined finish looks classier or even more sportier and more eye catching in some cases! It has a two-tone finish that combines the colour characteristics of both grey and machine  to achieve a polished look that has never been seen on any other wheel before! Fitted on dozens of cars with this Audi RS5 being the latest to have a set of Titanium Machined V-FF 107 wheels installed, the finish of the wheel enables it to appear fully forged finished!

V-FF 107 RS5 1

Yes, the Carbon graphite finish may be the star of Vorsteiner’s line but we feel that the Titanium Machine deserves some credit too. In fact, I think that in the long term, this finish wheel enable the wheel to stay more classier than its Carbon Graphite siblings. Over in the United States, the Titanium Machined finish is an optional extra but over here in Malaysia due to its gorgeous aesthetics, we price it similar to other Carbon Graphite wheels, enabling our clients to get their hands on a set of Titanium Machined wheels without the additional cost.

V-FF 107 RS5 3

Fitted on this Audi RS5, the wheels are in a dimension of 10J x 20″ and wrapped up with a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires that deliver amazing grip levels. In terms of performance, the wheel weighs lower than the RS5’s stock alloy wheels and is composed of Vorsteiner’s ultra strong proprietary aluminium compound which guarantees no cracks or dents! We are able to bundle up the wheels with a set of tyres of your preference in order to deliver a deal that’s both attractive and reasonable that will surely exceed your expectations.

V-FF 107 RS5 6



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