Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe On A Set Of Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

Should this article have caught your attention, it would likely be due to just a glance at the featured image of this Mercedes-Benz GLC-Coupe of which after its worked on, looks absolutely spectacular! A client driving this eye-catching Designo Metallic Cardinal Red Mercedes-Benz GLC-Coupe paid our partnered dealer, King Of Rims, a visit and we had the pleasure of seeing it in person!

GLC Coupe -1

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The client paid our dealer a visit, looking forward to swapping out his set of alloys for a set of larger wheels that’ll suit his aesthetic needs and requirements. For us who work in the aftermarket industry, we understand that it’s difficult to choose a set of wheels that would suit your needs and demands, as such, most of our partnered dealers, carry ready stock for the entire line of Vorsteiner Flow Forged wheels!

GLC Coupe -19

A set of wheels can make or break a car’s aesthetics and when this client paid our partnered dealer a visit, they aimed to give this GLC-Coupe the very best treatment possible! Seeing that the car came stock with a set of 20 inch wheels, our dealer aimed to upgrade the size of the wheels. As such, they turned to the Vorsteiner brand of which has two 22 inch options available, the V-FF 107 and the V-FF 109 wheels.

GLC Coupe -11

Their client preferred the V-FF 107 wheel over the other and decided to have a set of those wheels finished in Carbon Graphite installed on his car of which contrasts perfectly with the paintwork of the Mercedes! When the decision was made and the installation of the wheels commenced, our dealer rang us up and our team headed over for a short photography session.

GLC Coupe -19

In terms of technical specifications, the new V-FF 107 wheels in its 22 inch size would be lighter than the stock 20 inch wheels despite being bigger! This is achieved via the use of Vorsteiner’s proprietary aluminium compounds which not only guarantees strength but also a massive reduction in weight! The aggressive offsets which are incorporated into the design of these wheels also hype up the aesthetics and performance of the car as a whole by completely filling up the wheel wells of the car as well as giving the car a wider and broader wheel track that’ll improve the GLC’s performance!

GLC Coupe -18

As a whole, with the gorgeously contrasting Carbon Graphite wheels installed, this GLC Coupe looks like no other! The new 22 inch Vorsteiner alloys are perfectly sized to give this car a more authoritative stature that’s sure to catch the eyes of onlookers wherever you park it or drive it. And before we forget, they threw in a set of Vorsteiner Designer Red Center Caps of which contrasts with the alloys finish but matches the car’s paintwork as a whole, making this GLC even more aggressive! Massive thanks to King Of Rims, Shah Alam, for giving us the opportunity to photograph the GLC!



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