Mercedes-Benz W205 C-Class Running HRE Performance FlowForm FF01 Wheels!

A returning client of ours, he came a long with his stunning Mercedes-Benz W205 C-Class whilst running a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 101 wheels! Being a pure automotive enthusiast, our client has customized his vehicle in many ways on a different number of occasions. However, when he paid a visit to our office with his C-Class now wrapped in a Matte Grey Body Colour, we were in for yet another wheel swap!

W205 HRE FF01 7

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To match the various times he’s customized his W205’s body colour, the Vorsteiner V-FF 101’s were customized to a silver finish. However, following his matte grey body wrap, our client was in need of a new set of wheels that’ll suit his car’s aesthetics and body colour change. Trying on something different, he inquired for a set of HRE Performance Wheels’ FlowForm FF01 wheels and paid a visit to take a look at it. Soon after, we had the wheels balanced out and installed on his car, and of course, the results were breathtaking.

W205 HRE FF01 4

Packing a punch that’s more than just skin deep, these HRE wheels upon the completion of their installation not only brought out enhanced aesthetics but also perfected driving dynamics. The FF01 wheel started the ball rolling as HRE’s first FlowForm wheel introduced into the segment. With a touch of retro styling cues paired up with state of the art, modern flow forming technologies, HRE was able to produce a wheel that out performs any cast formed wheel out there. This method of machining brings forward the technologies used in the manufacture of a forged wheel at a lower cost, to produce a wheel that is as light and as strong as a comparable forged wheel.

W205 HRE FF01 10

Fitted in 19 inches in diameter, the wheels weigh exceptionally light comparing them to the makes of other manufacturers out there. While the car already looks menacing and aggressive, for us aftermarket experts, our trained and experienced eye for detail helps us pinpoint the features of a car that would take its aesthetics to the next level. The Tarmac Black finish was selected in order to pair the wheels perfectly with the cars body colour!



Since the introduction of HRE’s FlowFormed wheels back in 2015, we, at Autofuture Design are the sole appointed and proud exclusive distributors of HRE Performance Wheels in Malaysia. The FF04 wheel is now available in stock with us and available custom order for HRE’s Forged wheels. Should you need any info regarding this brand of wheels, contact us at anytime for more info on the application of these wheels or drop by our showroom soon as the wheels are going to be up on display shortly. Take a look at our flickr page for a more streamlined view on our makeovers: