Overcoming Hurdles: Mercedes-Benz C-Class on a set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 111 Wheels!

A customer paid us a visit looking for a set of wheels and to upgrade the suspension system of his new Mercedes-Benz C200 of which he just picked up from an imported car dealer.  W205 VFF111-9

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Our client briefed us on his intentions of revamping his vehicle’s suspension system as well as his vehicle’s aesthetics with our Bilstein suspension systems and a set of our Vorsteiner wheels! For his needs and requirements, we turned to the Bilstein B12 ProKit suspension system which is comprised of a set of Eibach’s High-Performance Lowering Springs and a set of Bilstein’s High-Performance Shock Absorbers which delivers the best of both worlds by dropping the ride height of a vehicle and sharpening its dynamics! W205 VFF111-6

To achieve our client’s goal of hyping up the aesthetics of his C-Class, we turned to the Flow Forged line of Vorsteiner’s wheels! Given that this was a new C-Class, our client did not want to let his brand new tires got to waste, as such we recommended a set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 111 wheels, the latest and greatest 18-inch wheel released by Vorsteiner North America!W205 VFF111-3

The Vorsteiner V-FF 111 took the design elements of the beloved, fully forged VFN 507, and incorporated them in a Flow Forged construction. The Flow Forged construction gives the V-FF 111 incredible strength levels as compared to a standard cast wheel, while still retaining a reasonably affordable price point. To put it simply, the Flow Forged construction offers the best of strength and pricing in one package.W205 VFF111-14

As our client confirmed his purchase for the Bilstein B12 ProKit suspension system and a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 111 wheels, we began the suspension work and the installation of his tires on his new Vorsteiner wheels simultaneously but unfortunately we ran into a hiccup. Local Malaysian Mercedes-Benz C200 units aren’t equipped with air suspension systems but seeing that this was an imported C200, it was to our surprise that this C200 came equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s air suspension system which consequently halted the suspension work our client was hoping for.

With that setback in mind, we focussed our efforts on the installation of the new tire and wheel combo on our client’s C-Class. We had the new Vorsteiner wheels which were sized out at 8.5J x 18-inches in the front and 9.5J x 18-inches in the rear, wrapped up with his original tires. After the wheels were balanced out and installed on the C-Class, we took it for a short drive to our photoshoot location and the C200 feels better than ever before!W205 VFF111-10

The drive felt sharper and more confidence-inspiring, the newly added dynamism of the C-Class goes way beyond its aesthetics, extending to the improvement of stability and confidence through the sharpest corners on the road. The fender flush fitment and the wider width of the Vorsteiner wheels is substantially wider in comparison with the narrow width of the previous wheels, and this improvement alone does wonders to enable sharper cornering and dynamics! Though we would’ve loved to feel the C-Class running Bilstein’s B12 Suspension system, it just wasn’t fated, however, our client was more than happy with the newly revamped ride and feel of his Mercedes-Benz C-Class!



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