Passion & Performance: BMW 3-Series Equipped with a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 108 Wheels!

Wheels and suspension, speed and cars, as Autofuture Design’s web marketing executive and editor-in-chief, I’ve worked in this line of work for roundabout four years now and after all these years, its still an event for me to step into my office. Surrounded by the best brands in the business such as Bilstein & Vorsteiner, it’s my definitive dream job!Version 2

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I think personally, the best part of working in this industry is the ability to share that knowledge and passion with others and there’s no one else better I could think of than sharing this passion with my very own father! Both my dad and I have been hardcore BMW fanboys for years now and he drives a pristine BMW 3-Series that he’s massively proud of! Decked out with a custom aftermarket exhaust system, Bilstein suspension system, and other cosmetic bits and pieces, he absolutely loves his 3-Series!Version 2

However, his wheels had always remained stock! As he watched me work with various vehicles equipped with various wheels, along with being involved with various BMW enthusiast groups, he finally caved in and decided to visit my office! Dad was apparently spoilt for choices as he was greeted with a myriad of wheel design options available for his BMW 3-Series!Version 2

After a brief discussion on what size he would prefer and which wheel design would look best on his ride, dad took the plunge and settled on a set of 18-inch Vorsteiner V-FF 108 wheels! He loved the Carbon Graphite finish of the wheels which was not only eye-catching but also complemented his BMW’s dark Mineral Grey paintwork!Version 2

Dad’s 3-Series was fitted with a set of wheels that were sized out at 8.5J x 18 inches in the front and 9.5J x 18 inches in the rear. With super-aggressive offsets engineered into this staggered fitment of wheels, once fitted, the wheels sat flush within the BMW’s fenders! Apart from just aesthetics, given that my dad was swapping his factory BMW wheels to a set of Vorsteiner alloys, there was a massive weight reduction of about 35% with no compromise on strength as the wheels are composed of Vorsteiner’s proprietary aluminum compound!Version 2

Topping it all off, we installed his tire and wheel combo via a set of BLOX Sport’s Forged Aluminum Wheel Bolts which were color coated in matte red for an added touch of sportiness and charisma! All in all, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my dad smile as bright as when he saw his car adorned with the new Vorsteiner alloys! His bright smile brought a strong sense of satisfaction in my heart seeing that the new Vorsteiner alloys had not only met but exceeded his expectations! The driving experience was breathtaking as he felt that his car drove sharper than ever stating, “The car’s turn-in is immediate and it feels a whole lot more responsive than when it was on stock wheels!”.



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