Perfectly Slammed: Mercedes-Benz W205 C-Class On A Set Of HRE’s FF04 Wheels And Lowered With Bilstein’s B12 ProKit Suspension System!

Follow us on social media and you’ll find out that we have dozens and dozens of alloys going out the door week after week. One of the wheels which are of hot demand these days is HRE Performance’s FlowForm FF04 Wheels! I had only just finished an article on a Mercedes C-Class and a set of these wheels installed, however, this other client takes a step further!W205 HRE FF04 -7

Take a look at this W205 C-Class equipped with Bilstein’s B12 Pro Kit suspension + a set of HRE Performances FlowForm FF04 Wheels via our Flickr link here:

Now the HRE FF04 alloys is an absolute showstopper! Its looks, design and HRE’s new Liquid Metal finish truly sets this alloy apart form the other selections of wheels out there! Regardless of which car its installed on, these wheels will surely spice up the looks of your ride higher than ever! However, when a client of ours paid a visit to our showroom already having a set of HRE’s FF04 wheels installed on his car was looking to take the looks of his car even further!

W205 HRE FF04 -14

He was interested in slamming the ride height of his vehicle by way of a set of lowering springs. However, we had our concerns about that… While it may deliver the aesthetics you’re looking for, there’s a chance that not only the ride comfort might deteriorate but also the performance of the shock absorber as a whole. For those who may have ran their vehicles on lowering springs without a shock absorber upgrade, y’all may be very familiar with the loss of performance and comfort from just swapping out the springs of a vehicle.

W205 HRE FF04 -5

As such, our solution for those looking for added performance along with a slammed ride height would be to install Bilstein’s B12 ProKit suspension system, which includes a set of Bilstein B8 Performance Series absorbers and a set of Eibach lowering springs! With the Mercedes-Benz C-Class’ floaty and soft ride dynamics, the suspension system would definitely sharpen the handling of your ride whilst delivering better aesthetics.

W205 HRE FF04 -20

Bilstein’s B12 ProKit suspension system intends to drop your vehicle’s ride height by approximately 30 millimeters which is not just aesthetically pleasing but also drops your car’s center of gravity, ensuring better handling. The firmness of the shock absorbers are intended to ensure that the weight inertia of your vehicle isn’t shifted around too drastically, thus, keeping all four tires firm against the asphalt and delivering better driving dynamics.

W205 HRE FF04 -16

Pairing up this Mercedes Benz C-Class with a set of HRE Performance’s FlowForm FF04 wheels along with Bilstein’s B12 ProKit suspension system would give this sedan the handling edge it deserves! With the FF04 alloys being extremely lightweight and the Bilstein suspension system working its magic, this C-Class would be able to take on the hardest corners, leaving everyone else behind.



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