Range Rover Sport SVR Equipped With A Set Of Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

The Range Rover Sport SVR is an amazing SUV! Packing a supercharged V8, this SUV would be able to take on sportscars on the hardest circuits around the world! As such, we were of course very excited when a client paid us a visit to our showroom, driving an Estoril Blue Range Rover Sport SVR, we were excited to begin work on it!SVR V-FF 107

Our client drove his Range Rover Sport SVR from Alor Setar, Kedah (located on the north western coast of Malaysia) all the way to our showroom in order to have a glimpse at our wheels of which were readily available, in-stock for his ride! With his SVR boasting the signature Estoril Blue paintwork of which looks absolutely amazing on this SUV, our client was in pursuit of a set of dark finished wheels that would do nothing but make his ride even sportier and we knew the exact wheel he was looking for.

With our recommendations alongside a handful of photos of which were completed make overs of Range Rover Sport SUVs, we recommended a set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 107’s of which would perfect his cars aesthetics especially in their Signature Carbon Graphite finish! The dimensional mesh design of which I’ve spoken of time and time again has constantly brought more and more clients, head over heels for the looks of the wheels! It looks amazingly sporty and aggressive!SVR V-FF 107-1

At 10.5J x 22 inches at all four corners of this SUV, our client was stunned with the low weight figure of the wheels the moment he lifted it off the ground! In comparison with his stock wheels, the new V-FF 107’s introduced a weight saving of about 30% which translates into a huge improvement in vehicle dynamics. Better acceleration, better handling and better performance from a 22 inch wheel! Once fitted, the tailored offsets of the wheel ensures that the wheel sits flush against the fenders of the Range Rover, widening the wheel track and broadening the shoulders of the vehicle, for better handling and perfected aesthetics!

We packaged the wheels to prepare them for shipping over to the north west coast and as requested accompanied the set of wheels with a set of BLOX Sport’s Forged Aluminium Wheel Nuts for added contrast and character! As a whole, we’re glad that we were able to assist our client in his pursuit of the perfect set of alloys that’ll turn up the looks of his ride. We’d also like to commend our appreciation to our client whom submitted these photos to us! Regardless of your location both in Malaysian territories and neighboring regions, we are able to ship our products to your location in nothing more than 2-3 days! Feel free to contact us and inquire on the products of your interest!



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