Shooting Lines: Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Shooting Brake Running HRE Performance’s FF11 Wheels!

En route to the office, I was notified that we had completed a makeover on a Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4Matic Shooting Brake and immediately I was in shock! A shooting brake is defined as a vehicle that’s a cross between a wagon and a coupe. Its sort of like having a wagon with a sporty roofline instead of the usually squarish aesthetics of a traditional wagon.CLA Shooting brake-26

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Ever since Mercedes debuted the CLA-Class Shooting Brake, I’ve always been in awe of its looks! It’s not your typically styled wagon, it’s a precisely sculpted, super curvaceous, gracefully crafted CLA-Class that I would drive any day in place of its sedan sibling and with that in mind, I was utterly disappointed that I wasn’t in office when the makeover was being done!CLA Shooting brake-7

Our client was based on the island of Langkawi, off the northwestern coast of Malaysia. With over 400 kilometers of asphalt sitting in between our client and our office, his journey to our office began in the wee hours of the morning and ended in the afternoon as he stepped into our office and was greeted with a myriad of wheel design options. Having read the announcement of HRE Performance’s FlowForm FF11 wheel on our social media feeds, our client paid us a visit with an aim to have a set of those wheels installed on his CLA.CLA Shooting brake-14

After looking at the FF11’s finish options, our client settled for a set of 8.5J x 19-inch FF11 wheels, finished in HRE’s forged-like, signature Liquid Metal finish! We had the wheels wrapped up with a set of Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S tires and had the whole set installed onto the Mercedes and the end results were truly staggering! With a fender flushed installation, the Shooting Brake looks absolutely amazing! These FF11 wheels feature iconic styling and a unique five-spoke styling that guarantees added character and sportiness. Apart from just aesthetics, being a specialist in the Forged Wheel industry, HRE has designed the FF11’s to be as light possible and as strong as possible in order to deliver sharper driving dynamics!CLA Shooting brake-5

Once the installation of the wheels was completed, our client then surprised us with a request to have a set of H&R’s anti-roll bars installed on his Shooting Brake CLA-Class. As we’re H&R’s exclusive sole distributor in the country, we had immediate stock for H&R’s anti-roll bar and as such, we had the products ready and installed immediately on our client’s Shooting Brake CLA!CLA Shooting brake-1

We’ve installed dozens and dozens of H&R’s Anti-Roll Bars on various Mercedes CLA-Class models but never a Shooting Brake and, given that this is a unique article, we’d thought we do a short brief on what Anti-Roll Bars do! H&R Anti-Roll Bars are crafted from a special (hf) 50CrV4 steel alloy of which is the highest tensile strength available. The quality of the material and design guarantees the decrease of feedback response time and increases a vehicle’s stiffness over its factory stock specifications. H&R Anti-Roll Bars promise an increase of a vehicle’s lateral stability and cornering grip whilst reducing body roll and increasing driver confidence as a whole, giving you the ability to drive faster and push harder through the hardest and tightest of corners!CLA Shooting brake-27

All in all, we had a lot of fun working with our client and his one of a kind car! The images featured in this article looks so good it makes me wish that I was there to see the vehicle in person. With the HRE Flowform Series FF11 wheels and the H&R Anti-Roll Bars installed, I’m sure our client had a great drive home!



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