Sport Forged Hot Hatch: Volkswagen Golf R On A Set of Vorsteiner Sport Forged V-SF 001 Wheels!

The Volkswagen Mk7 Golf R is one of the hottest cars in the segment of Malaysia’s High-Performance Hatchbacks! With 300 horsepower and four-wheel drive, this hot hatch would mesmerise any driver through the bends. In Malaysia, the Golf R comes standard with a set of 19 inch wheels and they renowned for one problem, their tendency to crack and dent through the shallowest of Malaysian potholes!DSCF1289 2

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As such, an owner of a Golf R paid a visit to our showroom months ago, keen on a set of wheels that would solve his misery with his stock wheels constantly denting. He looked at Vorsteiner’s Sport Forged V-SF 001 wheels and loved the design but decided to ponder on it for a while. Months later, he returned to our showroom, angry and fed up with his stock wheels denting and decided to invest in a set of V-SF 001 wheels!DSCF1255 2

The V-SF 001 is one of the very best forged wheels out there, able to maintain a high-level of strength and an ultralight weight figure! When we placed the wheel on our office’s weighing scale it indicated a figure of only 9.3 kilograms shaving off 40% of the Golf’s stock wheel weight. The low weight would guarantee superb driving dynamics whilst the high levels of strength would alleviate the owners concerns on our Malaysian roads.DSCF1292 2

Vorsteiner forged aluminium bespoke wheels are made using the latest T-6061 aerospace grade aluminium blocks and individually machined to your exacting standards. These wheels are lightweight and load rated for your specific vehicle to maximize weight efficiency and performance. Vorsteiner also offers a virtually unlimited selection of custom finishes only limited by your imagination. All these facts would result in a wheel that performs as one of the very best out there!DSCF1228 2

Our client chose the standard Brushed Aluminium finish which is one of Vorsteiner’s classiest  finishes! The wheel’s finish works well on this Polar White Golf R. As a forged wheel, Vorsteiner manufactures the V-SF 001 wheels to your vehicles exact dimensions and offsets, the end result is a wheel that works perfectly with your ride. Flush to the fenders without spacers or any issues, Vorsteiner’s forged wheels remain as one of the very best in the industry. Being a 19 inch wheel, we re-installed our clients previous tires on his new set of wheels and installed the entire set via a set of Vorsteiner Spline Lug Bolts for added character and anti-theft features!DSCF1197 2

As a whole, the Golf R looks and performs even better than ever with the set of Vorsteiner’s Sport Forged Wheels. We’d like to thank and credit the owner of this Golf R for giving us the time to conduct a short photography session on his ride in order to feature it on our social media feeds!


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