Strikingly Forged: Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe Equipped With Vorsteiner’s V-FN 502 Forged Wheels!

The Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe is an amazingly gorgeous vehicle! From it’s sleek lines to its low slung aesthetics, it’s definitely an eye-catching ride, and it’s also pretty rare, adding to it’s exclusivity! Being an incredible ride, a client paid us a visit looking for a set of wheels that’s as similarly exclusive to give his ride a look that can’t be found anywhere else and with that in mind, we looked into Vorsteiner’s Forged Nero Wheel Program!C217 S-Class Coupe

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The Vorsteiner Forged Nero Wheel program consists of 34 wheel designs that aims to deliver incredibly perfect, lightweight, tailored wheels for clients whom are looking for a wheel that would suit their exclusive standards! The wheels manufactured in this program is not mass produced or produced in volume in any way whatsoever. From start to finish the lead time required for a set of Vorsteiner’s Nero Forged Wheels is about six to seven weeks and the end result is a wheel that is like no other out there.C217 S-Class Coupe-31

All of Vorsteiner’s forged aluminum bespoke wheels are made in Orange County, California, USA using the latest T-6061 aerospace grade aluminum blocks and individually machined to your exacting standards. These wheels are extremely light and load rated for your specific vehicle to maximize weight efficiency and performance. Adding to that, Vorsteiner also offers a virtually unlimited selection of custom finishes only limited by your imagination.C217 S-Class Coupe-26

Prior to visiting us, our client had already visited our principle’s website, citing that the V-FN 502 was the design that he was interested in and he was inquiring on a set of those wheels in a 22 inch size. The V-FN 502’s design features 15 extremely sleek and thin spokes which adds not only aggression into its design but also a touch of class by not over-incorporating other design elements into the mix. However, the wheel’s striking design alone was not going to be enough, as such, our client requested his set of forged wheels to be finished in a customized, Brush Clear finish that would highlight the details of the wheel itself!C217 S-Class Coupe-9

Being a custom tailored forged wheel, the time needed from the start of the manufacturing process to the earliest opportunity to install the set of wheels on to our clients ride was going to be no earlier than six weeks. As such, during that phase, our client decided to attempt to source a set of appropriately sized tires whilst doing so, we ourselves assisted our client in his search for his tires via our familiar channels. However, as time passed the required size of 255/30/22 (front)  & 295/25/22 (rear), was almost impossible to source in Malaysia with reasons being that this rare size has little to almost no demand in Malaysia! As such, to guarantee a perfect wheel installation, we communicated with our peers in Vorsteiner USA to have a set of those tires installed onto the wheels before air freighting in over to Malaysia and thankfully in the nick of time, they managed to source those tires!C217 S-Class Coupe-29

When the wheels arrived, already wrapped up with Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S tires, we contacted our client for the earliest opportunity for the installation and he came over only hours later! Upon the completion of the wheel’s installation, the S500 coupe looks absolutely stunning! Again, being a forged wheel, the V-FN 502 was machined, manufactured and built to our clients exact specifications without the need of spacer installations or any modifications whatsoever. The Mercedes coupe now looks like nothing else on the road, more eye catching than ever and with wheels sitting perfectly flush to the fenders of the Coupe!C217 S-Class Coupe-11



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