The Groundbreaking Debut of HRE Performance’s 3D+ 2nd Generation Wheel Design!

With the launch & announcement of HRE Performance’s 2nd Generation 3D+ Titanium Wheel Design, comes the implementation and incorporation of stronger and more advanced materials & manufacturing techniques! With this amazing wheel design making its debut, it was of great importance that we showcased the latest advancements made in the partnership between HRE Performance Wheels and GE Additives that kick started a whole new era of wheel design & production! hre3d-fordgt-rear

“While additive technologies are still in it’s infancy, we know that additives are gonna change the world, and I want to make sure that HRE is part of that!” – Alan Peltier, President of HRE Performance Wheels

To improve the HRE3D+ concept, HRE has again teamed up with GE Additive to utilize the brand’s 3D-printed multiple additive manufacturing systems. Through its brand partnership with GE Additive, HRE gained access to two unique 3D printing manufacturing systems for the second generation of the HRE3D+. The first of these, Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM), utilizes laser technology to melt ultra-fine layers of titanium powder on top of each other to gradually build complex forms with extremely fine detail. The second process, known as Electron Beam Melting (EBM), is a refinement of the process used to create the first HRE HRE3D+ and uses a beam of electrons to heat and fuse raw metal materials in a vacuum.

In addition to a new and futuristic design impossible to create with traditional manufacturing systems, the revised second-generation HRE3D+ revolutionizes the wheel manufacturing process by reducing overall materials waste in the process from 80 percent to five percent of raw titanium material by weight. Not only has material weight been saved in the manufacturing process, but the finished HRE3D+ wheel is also significantly lighter than ever before possible. For example, the 20 and 21-inch wheels of the first- generation HRE3D+ weighed 20 and 23 pounds respectively, while the more advanced design of the second generation allows for a total wheel weight of only 16 and 19 pounds for the same size wheels, again mated to a carbon fiber barrel. The first HRE3D+ concept is comprised of 6 parts, including a center cap and lug seat section holding the spokes against the vehicle. HRE further reduced weight for the second generation by redesigning the center area to reduce the part count to 5 printed sections.

HRE’s experience with these cutting-edge technologies in the development of the second-generation HRE3D+ has prompted significant refinements in the technique, opening up exciting possibilities for future advancement, including the additive manufacturing of one-piece wheel centers.


  •  Electron Beam Melting

Electron Beam Melting is an additive technology that uses an electron beam to melt and fuse fine layers of titanium powder into a solid. These fine layers are built up one at a time to create the full design.

  • Titanium Powder Bed

The additive design is built up in a bed of fine titanium powder which results in very little wasted material, unlike traditional subtractive methods like machining from a solid forging.

  • Powder Recovery

The excess titanium powder is removed to reveal the final design and recycled for future parts.

  • Support Removal

Temporary internal support structures are printed along with the part to provide support to the structure and to facilitate extremely complex designs. These are removed by hand and recycled after printing.

  • Post Machining

Mating surfaces and threads were CNC machined post-printing to ensure tight tolerances of assembly. Compared to traditional machining from forgings, this post-processing is minimal.

  • Hand Finishing

The tops of the spokes were hand brushed to create a beautiful decorative finish. Because Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, no additional powder-coat or clear-coat was necessary.

  • Cleaning

Due to the minimal machining and finishing, cleaning is a simple process simply to remove any oils or remaining powder.

  • Assembly

All the parts were hand-assembled into a carbon-fiber rim barrel using titanium fasteners.


“This is an incredibly exciting and important project for us as we get a glimpse into what the future of wheel design holds,” said HRE President Alan Peltier. “Working with GE Additive’s AddWorks team gave us access to the latest additive technology and an amazing team of engineers, allowing us to push the boundaries of wheel design beyond anything possible with current methods. To HRE, this partnership with GE Additive moves us into the future.” 

There was an intensive design collaboration between the Vista, California based team at HRE and the GE AddWorks team out of Ohio. Using design queues from two existing models of HRE wheels, the two companies worked together to create a stunning example of what is possible with additive manufacturing. The wheel was produced on two Arcam EBM machines – Q20 and a Q10 in five separate sections, then combined using a custom center section and bolted to a carbon fiber rim using titanium fasteners.hre3d-piececrop


With the original HRE 3D+ wheel design blowing us away as well as stunning the industry with the use of exotic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Working as Autofuture Design’s editor, this is a very exciting look into the future of possibilities showcased by the partnership between HRE Performance Wheels & GE Additives! As a world first, this is just a concept as of now and when put into immediate production, this method of manufacture would cost a bomb. However, as we represent HRE Performance Wheels, the showcase of this design concept excites us for a the unpredictable future of possibilities! Time will tell and as these technological advancements begin to trickle down into a more affordable price range but as of now, we can feel nothing but excitement as we near the end of this decade awaiting anxiously on new technologies that HRE may extract from this technological showcase!hre3d-angle



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