The Hamann Feature: Range Rover Sport Equipped With Hamann’s Wide Bodykit!

German engineering paired with British elegance and a touch of American design, that’s what this write up is about! As our viewers may notice, the Range Rover Sport has been featured times over on our timeline recently and its probably due to the fact that this SUV is truly unique and amazing. There’s not many SUV’s that can perform as well as a sports car but yet tackle the off road like its the cars 2nd home like the Range Rover can! As such, a loyal and regular client of ours in his superb looking Range Rover Sport paid a visit to our showroom looking for a complete makeover of his exterior!

Hamann engineering! A product of germany

range-rover-sport-v-fe-403-7The Hamann GmbH brand originates from the land of Germany and as most would know, no one knows cars as well as the Germans do! After a short discussion with our esteemed client, we placed an order for a full Hamann bodykit and within a short few weeks we received the parts fresh from Germany ready to be installed.range-rover-sport-v-fe-403-3

From the front of the car, the Rangie was refreshed with a brand new Hamann designed front bumper which despite keeping the elegance of this British SUV in check also “sportifies” the look of this Supercharged SUV! To match the new broadened front bumper, we replaced the Range Rover’s stock front fenders with a new set redesigned by Hamann, thus adding some muscularity in the mix. Over at the side of the car was a set of side skirts with a more aggressive design, for a lengthier and more sporty approach at the side profile of the car. The blacked out design details of the whole front fascia along with the side profile of the car brings out the best of this British SUV adding a sense of baroque luxury absent on the stock design of the vehicle.range-rover-sport-v-fe-403-4

At the rear end, we’ve equipped the Rangie with a new bumper designed by Hamann! As such the new rear bumper lengthens the SUV a tad more and adds some aggressive design elements at thea rear end that widens out the hips of the SUV. Under that rear bumper is a new Hamann modeled diffuser that blacked out to add some contrasting colours at the rear end. Of course to match the new rear bumper, we fitted a pair of new Hamann designed fenders at the rear end that results in a rear end that catches the eyes and attention of all the by standers and onlookers.

Vorsteiner Custom Forged Wheels! A Step above the rest!

range-rover-sport-v-fe-403-2Coming to the American bit of this article, as our readers may notice, adding the wide bodykit widens out the entire exterior of this SUV. As our client wanted to go through an extra length to set his car apart, he ordered a set of Custom Forged Vorsteiner VFN 503 wheels that blows away the design of the stock rims. We installed the set of 22″ wheels using BLOX Sport’s wheel spacers and lug bolts for an extra touch of detail at all four corners of the car. The Vorsteiner wheels are highlighted even further with the wide bodykit installed!

Autofuture DEsign malaysia

All in all, the makeover was a major success! With German Hamann parts along with Vorsteiner Wheels made in USA, this British SUV remains to be the only makeover as such to be cruising on our Malaysian roads! Regardless of location, outstation shipping is no issue for us as we are able to ship the desired parts to the preferred locations of our clients. We’re constantly doing our best to extend our product portfolio, as of now we’re the proud appointed Malaysian distributors of BLOX Sport products and Vorsteiner USA. With our experience in the aftermarket industry, we are able to secure the parts you need without any issues what so ever. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime. Whether its on social media, or in person if you need any info on the products we offer feel free to ring us up at anytime or visit our showroom if you’re nearby.