A Daughters Decision: BMW 528i Equipped with Vorsteiner’s V-FF 111 Wheels!

After running a set of HRE Performance’s FF04 wheels in a customized “fog” finish, a client re-visited our office, looking for a new set of wheels that would spice up the look of his BMW 528i and with the recent debuts of the duo of Vorsteiner wheels, the V-FF 111 and the V-FF 112, our client was looking to see either one of the wheels on his BMW!BMW F10 VFF111-25

For more shots of this BMW 528i, follow our Flickr link here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/autofuturedesign/albums/72157710172165397

Our client had his wheels sold off and was looking forward to having a new set of wheels installed on his car. Upon paying a visit to our office, he was torn between two options the V-FF 111 or the V-FF 112. On the one hand, he’d have a super aggressive wheel design with the V-FF 111 but on the other hand, he would have a perfect compromise of sportiness and elegance. The V-FF 111 and the V-FF 112 may be the latest Vorsteiner wheel designs, however, there are a myriad of other Vorsteiner wheel design options!BMW F10 VFF111-26

As our client was struggling to make a decision, his daughter stepped in saying she liked the V-FF 111 wheel design and our client ended up choosing the V-FF 111! It was also the sportier one of the duo as he wanted his 528i even sportier than as it stands! The Vorsteiner V-FF 111 is a part of a collection of wheels released at the popular 2018 SEMA Autoshow and features a reinvented, modern mesh design that’s noticeably different from its V-FF 107 mesh designed sibling. As Autofuture Design’s editor, with our client following his daughter’s opinion, I knew that even before installation commenced, it was going to be superbly stunning! I know it would not go wrong and the end result was indeed super eye-catching!BMW F10 VFF111-10

The Carbon Graphite finish which is an exclusive finish on this wheel design matches, complements and hypes up the look of the BMW as it suits the Metallic Mineral Grey paintwork of the 5-Series. We fitted the set of wheels in a size of 9J x 20 inches in the front and 10.5J x 20 inches in the rear. Being a Vorsteiner wheel, the V-FF 111’s had extremely aggressive offsets which guaranteed a super flush fitment, parallel to the fenders of the 5-Series!BMW F10 VFF111-28

Apart from the Carbon Graphite finish which is enhanced with glittery sparkles, we threw in a set of Vorsteiner Designer Gold Center caps for an added wow factor! Last but not least, we fitted the entire tire & wheel combo via a set of Vorsteiner Spline Lug Bolts which though small, it makes a huge difference in the wheel’s outlook.BMW F10 VFF111-24

As a whole, this BMW 5-Series looks even better than it was! Don’t get me wrong though, as Autofuture Design’s editor, I’ve worked with the best vehicles and the best aftermarket brands in the industry has shown me that both HRE and Vorsteiner produces amazing wheels! In this case though, the Vorsteiner wheels outshined the HRE’s by being all out unrestrainedly sporty in their design and as a whole, this 5-Series looks like no other on the street!



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