Aspired Darkness: Range Rover Sport Redone With A Full Aspire Design Makeover!

With our previous photo posts and blog posts of the Aspire Designed Range Rover Sport cathcing the attention of most of our viewers and readers, yet another client who was smitten over the makeover paid a visit to our showroom! This time with the Range Rover being black, we knew this makeover would make the Range Rover Sport more sportier and more aggressive than ever!aspire-rr-6

As the enthusiastic client sat in our showroom, we showed him a few shots of the previous makeover done on the Range Rover Sport! Of course as expected, we was stunned at the Range Rover’s beauty after the makeover. As such, he placed an order with us for an Aspire Design bodykit. After a brief two weeks, the parts arrived and as a team of staff in the office enthusiastic over the build, we arranged for the parts to be painted and then arranged for the installation of the new components… The result? The 2nd Aspire design build in Malaysia!aspire-rr-9

Imported from the UK, built on the shores of Manchester, the first thing we installed was Aspire Design’s wheels for the Range Rover Sport SUV. Measured at 10.5J x 22″ these Aspire Designed wheel’s are machined specifically for the Range Rover Sport SUV and feature a concavity profile that highlights the Range Rover’s broad shoulders. Not only does a concave wheel add to the streamlined feel and ride of the vehicle, but it ensures the look of the Range Rover Sport Aspire Design is strong, dynamic, and visually highly attractive.aspire-rr-11

The front end is dominated by a new Aspire Designed front bumper which includes a set of daytime running lights for added aggression. Adding more sportiness to the front bumper is a gloss black lip with an Anthracite finish for added contrasting colours for a touch more detail at the front end. The stock front grille was replaced with an Aspire Designed front grille which features a handcrafted aluminium Aspire badge and we also took this opportunity replaced the “Range Rover” lettering with the the Aspire brand’s lettering on the front hood.aspire-rr-5

As always, best for last was the rear end of the car which was yet again dominated by the rear bumper being redesigned by Aspire Design! Incorporating handmade Anthracite stainless steel exhausts tail pipe that spices up the look of the rear end. We tacked on the roof spoiler and a boot spoiler for added sportiness and for added dynamism which does wonders to control airflow at the rear end especially for a behemoth like this. All in all, when the makeover was wrapped up, it completely changes the look of the SUV and blows away the look of the stock vehicle! The 2nd of only two Aspire Design makeovers in Malaysia!


Based in the United Kingdom, rest assure that the Aspire Design brand exudes a mass of elegance and sportiness whilst maintaining that touch of class and elegance that the British are known for! Pairing up this British SUV with a British designed bodykit was no mistake and we’re looking forward for many more Aspire Design makeovers! For the Malaysian market, we are the proud distributors of Aspire Design products. Regardless of location, outstation shipping is no issue for us as we are able to ship the desired parts to the preferred locations of our clients. With our experience in the aftermarket industry, we are able to secure the parts you need without any issues what so ever. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime. Whether its on social media, or in person if you need any info on the products we offer feel free to ring us up at anytime or visit our showroom if you’re nearby.