Audi TTS Flaunting a Set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 105 Wheels!

The Audi TT is a fun little two door sportscar capable of driving through the tightest bends at the fastest speeds, especially with its Quattro all-wheel drive system! A client drove a Tango Red Audi TTS into our office’s reserved parking slot and with one foot through the door, he was stunned at the myriad of wheel designs available in our showroom! Audi TT V-FF 105-10

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With a set of stock 18 inch wheels on our clients TTS, he was looking to upgrade his Audi’s alloys to a set of 20 inch wheels! However, given that he dailies his coupe, we recommended our client to run a set of 19 inch wheels instead to assure long-term use concerns such as, tire and wheel damage due to potholes and other relatable concerns. Being an avid follower of our regularly updated social media feeds, our client was infatuated by Vorsteiner’s Titanium Machined finish and regardless of wheel design options, our client needed a set of wheels in that particular finish on his TTS!Audi TT V-FF 105-2

With the Titanium Machined finish, Vorsteiner produces a limited number of wheel designs boasting this wheel finish due to their commitment to their design philosophy which dictates that, ‘not all cars will look good with all wheel designs and, not all wheels will look good with all cars’. They manufacture specific combinations of wheels and finishes for each specific vehicle to bring out the very best aesthetics for each car!Audi TT V-FF 105-13

As such, with the wheel design options available with Vorsteiner’s Titanium Machined finish, our client picked out the V-FF 105 wheel design, seeing that its five twin-spokes adds both style & sportiness into his coupe! In a 19 inch fitment, and sized out at 8.5J at all four corners, each wheel only weighs just over nine kilograms which is a whole lot lighter than our client’s factory wheels! Shaving off about 35% of the wheels weight would add even more agility into the Audi’s chassis!Audi TT V-FF 105-28

We bundled up the wheels with a set of Yokohama’s Advan Sport V105 and had the whole tire & wheel combo installed via a set of Vorsteiner Spline Lug Bolts along with a set of Vorsteiner’s Tire Valve Stem Caps for an extra touch of Vorsteiner detailing! As a whole, once fitted, the Audi TTS looks incredibly sportier! The wheels perfectly fill up the wheel wells of the TTS, a perfect fender flush fitment! Fitted with being a larger and lighter wheel, our client’s Audi TTS, will not only look good but also drive a whole lot better!



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