A BMW 2 SERIES (F22) may well be the definitive choice for individuals that want a powerful and nimble rear-wheel drive car that they can enjoy in both luxury cruising and all out performance attacks on those winding roads out there in the mountains. As our customer is one of those people he also opted out for some visual styling for his BMW 220i in form of these Kelleners Sport “MUNCHEN” in MATT BLACK POLISHED COLOR sized 8 x19 Front and 8.5 x 19 inches Rear and package it with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres 225/35/19 all round.

In a perfect mix of well known wheel design together with exemplary build quality and perfect looks, these Kelleners Sport “MUNCHEN” wheels are one of the favorite choices and definitely part of the long list of highly desired aftermarket parts that we sell each and every month at our store. We offer these for a wide variety of BMW cars and they do look extremely fitting on the high-performance luxury sports car like the one we have here.

Please let us know if you would like to order a set of Kelleners Sport “MUNCHEN” for your build. Simply contact us and our highly professional team of aftermarket tuning experts will gladly provide you with all the information you may need. Our customer was kind enough to let us take the photos of his build and we are gladly showing it to all of our current and future customers, fans and friends right here on our blog now. Enjoy it!