BMW 330e on a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 108 Wheels!

With dozens and dozens of makeovers complete on the BMW F30 3-Series, we would say we’re pretty well versed with the aftermarket options available for this BMW! A client paid us a visit for a full-suspension revamp, looking for a Bilstein B12 ProKit Suspension System that would not only drop the vehicle’s ride height but also sharpen the BMW’s dynamics!BMW F30-35

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However, after being notified of the vehicle’s age which is one and a half years old, we felt that if his suspension system was in good condition, there was no reason to completely revamp his suspension system. Instead, we recommended a set of H&R’s anti-roll bars which would sharpen the dynamics of the 3-Series, without the need to completely revamping the BMW’s suspensions system!BMW F30-4

After he confirmed his order for the H&R Anti-Roll Bars, he began to look at our myriad of wheel designs that were available for his car. After a brief discussion, our client narrowed down his options to two-wheel designs, the Vorsteiner V-FF 108 and the Vorsteiner V-FF 112 wheels. Soon after, we test fitted both wheels on our clients 330e and posted a photo and poll on our Instagram Story. Despite 70% of our viewers voting for the newer V-FF 112 wheel, our client went with his heart and confirmed his order for a set of V-FF 108 wheels!BMW F30-28

In our eyes, that was no mistake! Fitted in a staggered fitment size of 8.5J x 19 inches in the front and 10J x 19 inches in the rear, the BMW would have the grip and handling dynamics like never before! Vorsteiner went to extra lengths to ensure that the offsets engineered into these wheels would ensure a fender flush fitment! Built and composed of Vorsteiner’s proprietary aluminum compound, the V-FF 108 wheels boast an ultralightweight figure of about 9.5
kilograms apiece whilst boasting forged-like strength levels.BMW F30-26

The entire wheel & tire combo was fitted via a set of Vorsteiner’s spline lug bolts and to complement the F30’s red Brembo brake calipers, we fitted a set of Vorsteiner Red Center Caps which added a whole lot of character and drama into the mix. All in all, this BMW 3-Series looks a whole lot better than when it first popped by! It’s amazing how with just a set of wheels, the entire look of the car could be revamped even better, despite how sporty it is! With the H&R anti-roll bars and the new staggered Vorsteiner wheels, this 3-Series will drive just as good as it looks!BMW F30-36



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