BMW 530e Adorned With A Set of HRE Performance’s FlowForm FF15 Wheels!

When BMW Malaysia launched the BMW G30 5-Series, they took the game to a whole new level! More sophisticated, better looking and all out better performance! We were paid a visit by a client whom is a new, enthusiastic owner of a BMW 530e 5-Series looking for a set of wheels to sit in place of his stock 19 inch alloys.

G30 HRE FF15 -2

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After a brief chat with our client, he told us that his goal was to achieve a blacked out look and his first step to achieving that goal is to have a set of blacked out alloys on his 530e! Welcomed into our office with the sights of dozens of wheels, our client was interested in HRE Performance’s FlowForm Wheel range. Stuck in a dilemma between the choices of three wheels being the FF01, FF04 and the FF15 alloys, our client made a decision on a set of FF15 wheels and with the gorgeous aesthetics of the car paired up with the set of FF15 alloys, this 5-Series looks absolutely amazing!

G30 HRE FF15 -8

Though we tried to convince him to upgrade to a set of 20 inch alloys, our client was reluctant to do so as his tires were brand new from the factory and we respected his decision. With our clients one and only criteria being a wheel of 19 inch size, we did our absolute best to meet his desires and requirements by recommending various sets of alloys that our client might like on his car. In the end, our client loved the simple yet aggressive looks of the FF15 alloy finished in Tarmac black, by HRE Performance Wheels!

G30 HRE FF15 -2

Breathtaking looks, low in weight but yet extremely durable, HRE’s FlowForm wheels are born in the land of the rising sun, Japan and then raised in California, USA. It’s unique design elements featured in their FF15 wheels, highlights HRE’s attention to the most minute details when producing a FlowForm wheel. Though these wheels remain low in weight, HRE’s FlowForm wheels posses high-levels of strength and durability, perfect for taking on the battered potholed roads of Malaysia. We weighed the stock BMW alloy to compare the stock wheels to the new FlowForm FF15 wheels and the the stock alloys weight 13.8 kilograms while the FF15 wheels weighed only 10 kilograms, resulting in a massive weight reduction of 3.8 kilograms!

G30 HRE FF15 -3

In order to achieve the very best aesthetics, we fitted a set of BLOX Sport’s spacers! BLOX Sport’s wheel spacers are highly customizable and composed of Forged High-Grade T6061 Aluminium to deliver the highest levels of quality and rigidity. These Spacers are composed of Forged T6061-T6 aluminium compounds which ensure that these spacers stay as good as new throughout their lifetime. To test the durability of these products, all of BLOX Sport’s wheel spacers have undergone a 72 hour neutral salt spray test to ensure its anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties! With confidence placed on their products the 6061-T6 aluminium compound spacer comes with 5 years warranty upon installation!

G30 HRE FF15 -9

Excuse us for the huge fender gap but due to the time constraint, we weren’t able to fit the 5-Series with a set of H&R lowering springs. However, our client was eager to have a set of those lowering springs installed on his car sometime in the near future and when its installed, we’ll be sure to report back to our followers!



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