BMW F10 5-Series Equipped With Vorsteiner’s V-FF 105 Alloys & Lowered With H&R Springs!

BMW F10 5-Series vehicles don’t get much spectacular than this! Our client had only just spray painted his 5-Series into BMW’s signature M2 Long Beach Blue paint job and approached for a set of spectacular V-FF 105 wheels for his vehicle and the results were stunning.

BMW F10 Long Beach Blue V-FF 105 2

Take a look at our Flickr page for more shots of this stunning BMW F10:

When our client drove in a Long Beach Blue F10 5-Series, we were stunned at his the perfection of his paint job of which suited the 5-Series gorgeously! However, with the new eye-catching paint job, you’d probably need a set of wheels that’ll be just as stunning as the blue paintwork on this 5-Series and for that we turned our attention to the Vorsteiner Brand of which has been responsible for a few of the most breathtaking wheels on sale as of now.

BMW F10 Long Beach Blue V-FF 105 3

To contrast with the F10’s gorgeous paintwork, we knew that the proper Vorsteiner finish that’ll suit the F10 would be their signature Carbon Graphite finish which is not only popular but also absolutely stunning in person. To avoid clients misconceiving the Carbon Graphite finish as just another grey or black, Vorsteiner has incorporated glittery sparkles into the finish to turn up the aesthetics of any wheel that the finish is applied on.

BMW F10 Long Beach Blue V-FF 105 7

Out of the eight current standing selections of Vorsteiner wheel designs, the V-FF 105 was selected as the outstanding wheel design in our client’s eye and for very good reason. The V-FF 105 was designed with sport and luxury vehicles as our primary targets. Inspired by aggressive exotic body lines, the V-FF 105’s 5-split spoke design is best suited for these vehicles of which were designed to inspire sporting excellence.

BMW F10 Long Beach Blue V-FF 105 6

With the wheels installed, gorgeously contrasting and highlighting the new striking aesthetics for the F10, our client wanted to take it a step further to enhance the looks of his BMW 5-Series! With that in mind, we dropped the F10’s ride height via a set of H&R Lowering Springs which results in a 30mm drop in ride height for more aggressive aesthetics and improved handling characteristics.


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