BMW X3 on a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 112 Wheels!

A regular client of our had returned to our showroom, running a BMW F30 3-Series of which we had a set of Vorsteiner V-FF108 wheels installed only months ago! As always, with a set of Vorsteiner wheels, his F30 looks better than ever, however, our client paid us a visit with news we didn’t see coming so soon!G01 X3-22

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Apparently, our client had purchased a new G01 BMW X3, due to be delivered in seven days. With the extra time before he took delivery of his new X3, our client paid a visit to our office looking for a set of Vorsteiner wheels to be installed on his car the moment he took ownership of his new X3! As an existing Vorsteiner user, our client knew that a set of these amazing alloys would not only push the aesthetic envelope of his SUV but also the handling characteristics of his ride!G01 X3-8

The new latest iteration of the BMW X3 was launched in 2018 with it’s chassis code being designated ‘G01′. With new aesthetics and technologies integrated into the X3 which are inspired by it’s other BMW siblings, the X3 has transformed itself into a more refined, more elegant SUV compared to it’s predecessor and we had the pleasure on working on this SUV recently!G01 X3-24

After introducing our client to the latest trio of Vorsteiner wheels being, the V-FF 110, the V-FF 111 and the V-FF 112, our client was excited to have a set of the V-FF 112 wheels on his X3! When we confirmed his purchase for his set of V-FF 112 wheels, we stored the set of wheels in our office while we awaited the delivery of our client’s BMW!G01 X3-2

About a week later, our client returned to our office with a gorgeous looking BMW X3 bodied in stunning Metallic Sapphire Black paintwork! The fitment of the Vorsteiner wheels on this BMW X3 were sized out at 9J x 20 inches in the front and 10J x 20 inches in the rear and features an ultimately aggressive offsets engineered into the wheel which delivers a fitment like no other wheel out there! Apart from just aesthetics, being the latest Vorsteiner wheel in the Flow Forged lineup, the V-FF 112 wheel prides itself with the latest and greatest Vorsteiner engineering technologies available such as, front face pocketing, carved spokes and a proprietary aluminium compound with all of those features focused on weight reduction and strength maximisation!G01 X3-9

We wrapped up the set of Vorsteiner wheels with a set of Yokohama Advan Sport V105 tires and as whole, our client’s Sapphire Black BMW X3 looks absolutely stunning with the set of V-FF 112 wheels installed! The V-FF 112 paired up with the new rubbers turns up the sportiness of the X3 and transforms the performance of this BMW, making it more dynamic than ever!G01 X3-13

As previously mentioned, we strive to deliver comprehensive services to our clients and customers. As such, when our client needed assistance to put up his previous Vorsteiner V-FF 108 wheels on the market, we provided our utmost levels of assistance and managed to find a buyer for his wheels almost immediately. Given that Vorsteiner wheels are of extremely high-demand, we managed to let the set of alloys go at a very reasonable price!



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