Concaved Aesthetics & Performance: BMW X5 on a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Wheels!

The client that we have just recently serviced is a massive automotive aficionado. From trying and owning various vehicles to surveying aftermarket design options for his rides, it was a pleasure to work with our client in hyping up the look and feel of his BMW X5!BMW F15 VFF103-19

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Recently, our client paid us a visit with a BMW X5 and he was looking to swap out his factory alloys for a set of our wheel designs. With our broad range of wheel designs and fitment applications, we had wheel designs in fitment sizes ranging from 20-inches up to 22-inches in diameter ready for a home on our client’s BMW X5 xDrive40e.BMW F15 VFF103-9

We gave our client a list of potential wheel design and tire options like which brand of tires and/or whether he wanted them with run-flat capabilities and after some banter and discussions along with weighing out the pros & cons of each wheel design and size, our client decided to go with a set of Vorsteiner’s V-FF 103 wheels in a 21-inch fitment size. The reasoning behind why our client picked out the 21-inch V-FF 103 wheel design as his decision was due to the fact that the V-FF 103 wheels boasted an extremely aggressive concavity profile. We also managed to secure the set of 21-inch tires at a very attractive price from our partnered suppliers which basically sealed the deal for the V-FF 103 wheels and our client.BMW F15 VFF103-11

The V-FF 103 is special because it might be Vorsteiner’s most unique wheel to date. The curviest of the pack features a five split-spoke design with rounded edges throughout. It’s curved Y spokes and rounded concavity profiles allow for one of the deepest concaved designs ever seen on an aftermarket wheel!BMW F15 VFF103-5

Like all of Vorsteiner’s other wheel designs, the manufacturing of the V-FF 103 wheel involved various cutting-edge methods of weight reduction such as back-pad, front and rear spoke pocketing which carves out excess aluminium and results in a reduction of the overall weight figure of the wheel. This creates a wheel that is far superior in strength and lightness than any conventional cast construction. As a result, the V-FF 103 used less aluminum in achieving superior strength. Less material means less weight. And as we all know, less weight equals more performance.BMW F15 VFF103-13

The wheels fitted were sized out at 10J x 21-inches in the front and 11J x 21-inches in the rear which is massively broader than the set of factory alloys whilst being a whole lot lighter than the set of factory wheels! The Vorsteiner Signature Carbon Graphite wheel finish our client selected delivered a perfect color contrast between the X5’s Alpine white paintwork and the V-FF 103’s wheel finish! The wheels were wrapped up with a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx tires which were sized out 285/35/21 for the front pair and 325/30/21 for the pair of rear tires. The whole tyre and wheel combo was installed via a set of Vorsteiner’s Spline Lug Bolts. BMW F15 VFF103-6

In a nutshell, this behemoth of an SUV would drive better and look better than ever with its new Carbon Graphite V-FF 103 wheels! In comparison with our client’s X5’s factory setup which had 19-inch wheels and a set of heavy and hard run-flat tires, the new Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheel and Dunlop Sport Maxx Tire combo shaves off about 35% of the overall weight per corner of the car which would work wonders in making this behemoth of an SUV drive better whilst riding more comfortably. With its ultra-deep concavity profile along with the reduced weight of the wheels, it performs, drives and looks better than ever before seen and were proud to have accomplished this makeover with one of Vorsteiner’s most iconic wheel designs!



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