Fogged Up: BMW 528i on a set of Fog Finished HRE Performance FF04 Wheels!

HRE Performance Wheels are one of the world’s leading wheel manufacturers in the world. Born and founded in 1978, the wheels manufactured by HRE are of premium qualities and top performance. They’re so good in fact, some wheels have been depicted on big screen blockbuster titles such as in the Fast & Furious franchise.BMW F10-3

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Being a world renowned brand, a client paid a visit to our office, looking to inquire on a set of HRE Performance Wheels on his BMW F10 528i M-Sport and sure enough, he was happy with what he saw! Of the trio of FlowForm wheel designs offered by HRE, our client loved the look of the FF04 wheel, however, he wasn’t as satisfied with the finishes available on the wheel design.BMW F10-6

As the eye for beauty varies from one individual to another, we’ve partnered with the very best wheel & rim detailers in the nation to provide assistance to customers and clients whom are looking for more customization and individuality. With that in mind, we had a chat with our client on his desired wheel finish, by browsing through HRE’s website which catalogs all the wheel finishes available. Inspired by what HRE calls the “Fog” wheel finish which is a Satin Anthracite wheel finish, our client definitely wanted a wheel finish that would mimic the “Fog” wheel finish that would be uniquely different compared to the other wheels on the road in Malaysia. BMW F10-12

With that in mind, once our client had confirm his purchase for a set of FF04 wheels, we had the set sent out to our wheel detailers and within a matter of only a few days, the job was done! The wheel though not boasting the signature finishes of the HRE Performance brand looks just as stunning as it ever has! The five V-spokes look absolutely stunning in the metal and with the new Anthracite wheel finish, it even more unique than it was when it left HRE’s factory floor. BMW F10-3

The set of wheels were sized out at 9J x 20 inches in the front and 10J x 20 inches in the rear. We had the wheels wrapped up in a set of Yokohama Advan Sport V105 tires which to our surprise is a tire that’s worth consideration. I comparison to the usual European tyre brands that we’re familiar with, these Advan Sport V105 tires are extremely impressive, being able to keep up with the makes and models of the very best tyre brands out there. With soft compounds, superb wet traction these tires would be a perfect match for this BMW running a set of astounding FlowForm wheels!BMW F10-8

As a whole, upon pairing up these tires with the new HRE alloys, this BMW 528i looks absolutely spectacular. The wheels medium grey tones would contrast perfectly with the Mineral Grey paintwork of the BMW, plus, with the new tires installed, the drive of the 528i would be even better than ever before, through rain or shine!


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