Ford Mustang GT On Vorsteiner V-FF 111 Wheels!

Working with a Ford Mustang is always an event for us! This iconic sports car has been on the roads all across the globe since 1964 and this particular example is gorgeously bodied in Race Red paintwork, one of the most iconic Mustang colours available! As such, when a partnered dealer of ours, DTM Car Tech Auto, contacted us for an immediate delivery of a set of Vorsteiner alloys for this car, we sent them over personally to have a good look at the end result!Ford Mustang-4

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A client approached our dealer, looking to swap out his set of stock wheels for a set of the latest and greatest available wheels currently available. With that in mind, our partnered dealer introduced their client to the Vorsteiner line of Flow Forged wheels that would not only enhance the car’s aesthetics but also introduce a stronger performance edge to the Mustang!Ford Mustang-11

Of the entire Vorsteiner Flow Forged lineup, our dealer’s client was massively interested in the all new V-FF 111 wheel design which is the newest addition into the Vorsteiner wheel lineup! With the V-FF 111 Vorsteiner has taken the design elements from the well loved, fully forged VFN 507 wheel and encompassed those elements in a Flow Forged suit. Their goal for doing this was to give potential clients the opportunity to enjoy it’s striking design in a more affordable package.Ford Mustang-6

The Vorsteiner V-FF 111 is a part of a collection of wheels released at the popular 2018 SEMA Autoshow and features a reinvented, modern mesh design that’s noticeably different from its from its V-FF 107 mesh designed sibling. Manufactured exclusively in a 20 inch diameter with other sizes coming later on and available exclusively in Vorsteiner’s Carbon Graphite, the complex design of the V-FF 111 is a true masterpiece to behold! The ten Y-spoke design overlaps one another creating a mesh design that’s truly different from any the wheel in the industry!Ford Mustang-14

Despite being a rare vehicle in Malaysia, we store a handful of Vorsteiner wheel sets in it’s fitment application to guarantee our readiness when an inquiry is brought to our attention. Apparently our dealer’s client loved it and once we received their calls and confirmed the order, we delivered the wheels to our dealer’s location immediately. The set of Vorsteiner V-FF 111 wheels were installed via a set of BLOX Sport’s Forged Aluminium Lug Bolts in a staggered size of 10J x 20 inches in the front and 11J x 20 inches in the rear and was finished in Vorsteiner’s Carbon Graphite finish! From an aesthetic point of view, the wheel’s finish features glittery sparkles of which was embedded in the wheel’s finish in order to bring out the very best color tones possible!Ford Mustang-5

The moment the Mustang left the alignment bay of our dealer’s service area, we took the opportunity to snap a few photos of the car from all angles possible! After all that, though the Mustang in itself drives superbly amazing, the fitment of the new V-FF 111 wheels takes the Mustang’s performance to the next level. Ultralight in weight, absolutely strong along with gorgeous aesthetics, this sports car is ready to hit the road! The unique yet sporty appearance of the wheels brings out a whole new level of athleticism in the Mustang which now looks like no other on the road!



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