Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Equipped With Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels!

Mercedes-AMG’s CLA45 runs the worlds most powerful four cylinder engine and for good reason! It has 380hp from a tiny 2.0 litre engine of which rockets the car to 100km/h in under 4 seconds in some cases. With that in mind, A client paid a visit looking to equip his CLA45 with the latest, greatest alloys available out there and of course, we browsed through alloys manufactured by Vorsteiner USA for the perfect fit and finish for our client’s desires!

CLA45 Red V-FF 107 2

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Our client drove over to our showroom from the east coast in the Malaysian state of Terengganu which was about 600 kilometers away! He came across our previous post of which featured a white Mercedes-AMG CLA45 of which was also installed with a set of Vortsteiner V-FF 107 wheels and our esteemed client fell for the looks of that wheel immediately.

CLA45 Red V-FF 107 3

With the 10-multidimensional spokes on the front face of the wheel, featuring a mesh design, one may be forgiven for expecting the V-FF 107 wheel to be heavier in weight as compared to the other wheels out there. However, those spokes are as much for design as it is for durability & strength! The V-FF 107 wheel easily shaves off 40% of the weight of the AMG’s stock wheels, while being as strong as a forged wheel. Those concaved spokes provide a much higher level of structural integrity to give an evermore increased level of strength and durability.

CLA45 Red V-FF 107 1

In our showroom on display was the entire collection of Vorsteiner wheels, however our client was already set on his preferred wheel design which was a set of V-FF 107 wheels of which we had no objection. Our client opted for a set of wheels finished in Carbon Graphite, for a definite sporty colour contrast, a signature by Vorsteiner USA! The V-FF 107 is the perfect set of alloys that pairs up well with the CLA45! Its all new revolutionary design, enables the wheel to spice up the looks and aesthetics of any car its installed on! We recommended the set of wheels to be installed with a set of Vorsteiner designer red center caps that complements the CLA45’s body colour and brake calipers and the end result was nothing less than spectacular! As an individual of which is very particular on vehicular aesthetics and performance, we fitted the V-FF 107 wheels via a set of Vorsteiner Spline Lug Bolts which features the Vorsteiner crest engraved on the front face of the bolts!

CLA45 Red V-FF 107 5

Besides all that, the V-FF 107 wheel is wider in comparison with the CLA45’s stock wheels. In 8.5J x 19″ at all four corners, the car would be able to grip the asphalt stronger than ever thanks to a wider wheel layout as compared to its stock wheels. Vorsteiner wheels are also manufactured with more aggressive offsets in mind to enable a flusher fitment of wheels that’s parallel to the fender of the vehicle, enhancing the AMG’s overall aesthetics! Lighter, stronger and much better looking, this CLA45 joins the elite club of Vorsteiner adorned vehicles and as such, this CLA45 looks better than ever before!





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