Standing Out From The Crowd – Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Makeover

Carbon being the 6th element in the periodic table, it is mainly used as a alternative to steel as its much stronger but also a lot more lighter. therefore, carbon fibre in vehicle construction emphasises lightness while providing strength. With so many sporty coupes being launched, the owner of this AMG SLS wanted us to customise his car in a way whereby it would stand out from the crowd among all the other exotics out there. Seen in the photos is a highly customised SLS equipped with a full Mansory carbon fibre body kit.

The front of the SLS is equipped with a Mansory designed air intake and front spoiler. Both parts work together to provide increased downforce at high speeds and through corners but at the same time optimising air flow to the engine bay enabling the engine to breathe more efficiently. The carbon side skirts also showcases a much more sleek and sporty side profile making the SLS look more menacing and aggressive. The detailing of the car has been given more attention therefore, the air outlet vent on the fender has been customised with a Mansory built carbon fibre side panel with Illuminated LED. From a front three quarter view, the car’s aesthetics are much more improved over the stock front fascia.

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The Elites – Introducing HRE Performance Wheels

Recongnised as an Elite manufacturer of high-end forged wheels and rims, HRE Performance Wheels has debuted in Malaysia with their exclusive retailer and distributor, Autofuture Design Sdn. Bhd. Based in gorgeous state of California, USA, HRE Performance Wheels has recently announced their brand sole representative for Malaysia upon reviewing several distributors and deciding that Autofuture Design would be the best distributor and retailer to showcase their brand in Malaysia. One of the key aspects of securing the HRE brand was a recent visit paid by the Director of Sales, Mr Laurent Lebouder whom upon reviewing Autofuture Design, concluded that this would be the perfect distributor of their rims as well as the most suited representative of their brand in Malaysia.

By the month of April, well in to the spring season, Autofuture Design will begin to receive stock for their full-forged (Offers Customization) and flow-formed rims. A brief differentiation between “full-forged” and “flow-forged” is that full forged rims are highly customisable and flow-forged are half-way in between full and flow forged (Think of it as Semi-forged and the theory is much easier to understand).

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Genuine Breyton Aerokits for BMW E92

We are now clearing the stock for Genuine Breyton Aerokit for BMW E92 Before LCI and for car with non M Sport only.

1 : Genuine Breyton E92 Front Spoiler Lips Original Price Rm2800, Now Rm480!!!

2 : Genuine Breyton E92 Rear Diffuser only for 335i Original Price Rm2200, Now Rm390!!!

3 : Genuine Breyton E92 Rear Boot Spoiler  Original Price Rm1,600, Now RM380!!!

All the parts shown here are all available in our store, so please contact us for further information and our sales team will help you with your enquiries regarding fitments, finishes or any questions you may want answered then.

**Price valid while stock last and price does not include installation and painting.**



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